need friends, 3rd time around



  • Third time for me too... Possibly fourth, but definitely my last. I need to stick with this now! Almost got to my goal weight a few years back, then let the emotional eating take over again.... Gained it all back plus some. Here I go again... But this time I have to remind myself how terrible I felt (physically and mentally) when I gained it all back! Would also like some friends here to keep me motivated. I deleted my old account and starting new.
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    Added ya!
    Everyone else can add me too. I love the motivation!
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    FR headed your way!
  • u1wombl
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    Hi, am new here as well. Have tried every diet in the world. Was successful with calorie counting but once I stopped tracking, it all came back.

    Not sure how to fully work myfitnesspal yet but would love to have some friends as well.
  • u1wombl
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    ...oops. Just figured out the friend request part. :)
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    Feel free to add me!
  • please add me :)
  • more more more please, love awesome friends!
  • more and more and more please
  • more and more and more please
  • Feel free to add me!
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    Anyone feel free to add me :)