Anyone Using a Mio Link?

I use a Garmin GPS watch with HRM. The strap has seen better days so I've been looking at replacing it. That's when I came across the Mio Link, a wrist HRM strap that's actually accurate. Even better, it's ant+ and bluetooth compatible so I can use it with my Garmin or my iphone. Has anyone out there used one? Any pros or cons I should be aware of?


  • Mark_64
    Mark_64 Posts: 4 Member
    I have the Mio Alpha which I believe is the same as the Link with an added display.
    I think it's the best HRM I've had - 1st one was Polar w/ chest strap, 2nd one was Timex w/ chest strap - neither supported any type of data linking.

    I use the DigiFit app ( on my iPad/iPhone during a workout to track my heart rate, calories burned, etc - and what's great is DigiFit can do the tracking in the background (meaning I can watch NetFlix on the iPad but still have the heart rate tracking working).

    DigiFit will then sync my workout to MFP - so no more logging anything! Start DigiFit, tell it what I'm doing, when it's done, it will send the data to MFP.

    The only con for the Mio Alpha is the cost - the display is nice for a quick glance to see current heart rate, but there are not any real features beyond 1 zone in/out notifications. All the "features" are in DigiFit.
  • Moriarty_697
    Moriarty_697 Posts: 226 Member
    Thanks. I just love the idea of tracking my HR without an annoying chest strap. I'll pay a premium to not have that.