need some friends here

ok guys enough is enough i am in it to win it!! cheesy i know but that's how I feel i need some support... warned i'll be on this thing just reaching out and speaking my mind about this journey to sexiness!! (not that I'm not already) but I am calling this "LOOKING GOOD NAKED" mission... so lets be friends!! you won't regret it i promise!! I'm a little weird but don't let that scare you. :)
if there is ever any advice you think will help i am ALLLLL ears!
lets be friends.


  • thegreatcanook
    thegreatcanook Posts: 2,419 Member
    Ha! I love crazy, fun friends! Add me!
  • castleann
    castleann Posts: 10 Member
    Hi add me
  • windweasel66
    windweasel66 Posts: 23 Member
    We're all a bit loony in the uk Hun..... Feel free to add me !
  • meghanbuddy27
    Hey! You're not weird at all... I love it! Add me, I'd love to be part of your journey. You can help me out too!
  • 101sal
    101sal Posts: 43 Member
    Feel free to add me all
  • prgirl39mfp
    prgirl39mfp Posts: 3,154 Member
    Add me! I hear ya!! Weird makes it interesting!! We can help each other!
  • RedArizona5
    RedArizona5 Posts: 465 Member
    You can add me and from 1 weirdness to another-i will welcome you. Just have to be as supportive as I am. I get support from the ones i support and it is only fair:)
  • XoxoKellyXoxo
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    Feel free to add me! :-)
  • Timelordlady85
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    Feel free to add me:bigsmile:
  • Anke861
    Anke861 Posts: 53 Member
    Feel free to add! :)
  • 8sep2014
    8sep2014 Posts: 9 Member
    Feel free to add me! While I'd love to look good naked, my first goal is to look good in jeans! Naked...that's a dream, but one I hope to achieve after the first!
  • Ndalele
    Feel free to add :smile:
  • ChristinaR419
    ChristinaR419 Posts: 22 Member
    like to look good naked too!! Add me if you want! :)
  • belucky1
    belucky1 Posts: 25 Member
    I would love to look good naked, do miracles happen then? Please add me if you like.
  • smagill15
    Add me if you want!
  • shatzis7638
    Add me sexiness awaits!!! Giving myself to Christmas! I know I can
  • memkel
    Lol I'm weird too! ;]
    plus we all need motivating friends on the same journey as us!!!
    I know i do!
    ADD ME!!

    I need friends on MFP!! all my friends in real life are as skinny as the straw in their super sized soda and can still eat like they are the guest star on a man vs food episode!
  • harleybrit59
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    Crazy and strange are good bedfellows.......who defines us anyway.