Working out before or after breakfast?

I'm trying to decide if it will be more beneficial to my weight loss to work out before or after breakfast?

Any suggestions? Does it matter?


  • ACanadian22
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    I was reading a subject on this just the other day. Some feel that it is best to do a workout first thing in the morning, but now studies are showing that it is better if you split the workout into two or even three workouts throughout the day. I must find that link.
  • alijoanxo
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    I personally work out before breakfast. Otherwise I'll get sick during my workout.
  • jacqueline1323
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    I work out before breakfast. If I eat before my morning run my stomach hurts.
  • libbydoodle11
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    I like to have at least a bit of something in my tummy before I exert all that energy.
  • saberika87
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    I personally don't always like to workout in the morning, since I'm not really a morning person, but I always have to eat a banana or a small bit of yogurt before I work out in the morning. I find that if I workout on a completely empty stomach from the night before, I am just so energy deprived
  • cincysweetheart
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    I'm honestly not sure it really matters for weight loss purposes. But this works for me... I work a full-on graveyard shift and I'm just going to bed about 9:00 am. I wake up, eat a little bit of fruit and some form of protein, either string cheese or peanut butter, then I go workout. Afterwards I'll shower and get ready for work... Then eat (usually my biggest meal). I find that I feel better a) working out in the evening after I've gotten sleep, rather than trying to go right after work and b) with a small amount of food in my stomach (usually between 100-200 calories).
  • threnjen
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    I am guessing there is some aspect of personal preference and it doesn't matter so much to weight loss.

    Personally I need something in my stomach or working out makes me feel sick and weak. So I usually eat something small and then work out about an hour later.
  • tmauck4472
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    I walk/run 4 miles a day before I eat. I don't want to have a heavy feeling in my stomach doing all that walking/running in the extreme heat with a full belly. I don't think it really matters or one way is more beneficial, I think it's more a personal choice. But I'm not a professional I just do what's best for me.
  • beautifuldisasta
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    I've been working out after breakfast, about 10amish so I haven't just eaten, but I have some fuel for it lol
  • indianarunner76
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    Workout at the time that you think you could keep doing consistently. In regards to before or after breakfast shouldn't matter. The key is consistentcy. For me personally, I run or bike before breakast. That worked for me. Everyone is different
  • healthyfoxx
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    I need to work out on an empty stomach. I currently go to the gym after work, but when I was waking up early for runs, there was NO way I could eat breakfast beforehand. It would take too long to digest. Plus, peanut butter toast was one of my favorite things to look forward to after running. Mmmm....

    That said, my boyfriend needs to eat a couple hours before he goes or he feels too fatigued. Find what is right for you!
  • jennifer_417
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    For weight loss, meal timings is irrelevant, as long as you keep your calories at a,deficit.
  • bkthandler
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    Most days I get about around 4:30 am, eat a banana and workout. Depending on the day I will eat breakfast later once I get to work or whenever.

    Like other people said you are better off doing what works for you.
  • RET68
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    If I don't get right up and in the pool, I get sluggish and tired, and REALLY, REALLY hungry:tongue:
    On the other hand working out at night right before bed sometimes works too, but either way I can't workout with food in my stomach. :flowerforyou:
  • Vic8893
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    Thanks everyone for your input!!
  • Bluwaves1
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    If you are a morning person then before breakfast! If you are an evening person like me then 12 am after work is great! haha

    If I work out before I eat breakfast though (that would be about 10 am) I usually have a protien shake with me and a pre-workout drink.
  • Whiskey2206
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    To each their own. You have to find what works for you. I workout before b/f and before the little ones get up, during the youngest one's nap and bonus workout if she naps a second time, (while the other is at school) and after the kiddies have gone to bed. I find that works best for me.
  • CyberEd312
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    It is strictly personal preference and what you can adhere too and what gives you the best outcome for your workout... I am up at 5-5:30 and eat a big breakfast and am at the gym by 7:30.... This works for me but everyone is going to be different... Best of Luck
  • icrushit
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    The leangains method employs fasted training, to quite good effect from the reported results.

    Myself, I don't workout as such in the morning, but I do make a point of getting out for a good 2 mile brisk walk before I eat anything, but that is more about stimulating my appetite and waking myself up more than anything :)
  • larrodarro
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    I drink a big glass of water, and have a cup of coffee with cinnamon and honey in it before my morning workout. I eat breakfast as soon as I'm done with the workout. On my non-lifting days my workout is only 30-45 minutes long. The two days a week I lift, it is 2 hours.

    I've tried it both ways, and this just works better for me.