What do you do with old clothes?

Ok, so in the past I have held onto clothes after losing weight because my husband and I were still making our family. We have had three children and I believe we are done.... I think, lol. So my question is, how long do you wait to get rid of clothing? Do you hold onto clothes until you have maintained your goal weight for a certain length of time or do you send it on it's way as soon as they have out grown you? What did you do? Thanks folks.


  • logg1e
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    Donate to charity - I'm not going back.

    I have kept one pair of jeans though, just in case I start to forget what it was like.
  • Trueray
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    Keep it just in case I become a fat old fart
  • La5Vega5Girl
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    well I know I won't get pregnant again so i'm not keeping anything that doesn't fit. once it's too big, it's GONE! I dont' want any reason hanging in my closet to get fat again!

    *ETA I still have my extra large denim shorts that I keep hanging in my closet to remind me of what a fat @$$ I used to be
  • bainsworth1a
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    I'm keeping one pair of pants to remind me not to go back there. I wait until I am really out of a size to donate it or give it away to someone who is that size. I don' t have enough smaller size clothes yet so I wear things pretty baggy sometimes :laugh:
  • Tnia
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    Take them in ; Model them
  • formerfatboy1
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    I got rid of mine after the first year. I don't know Why I hung on to them that long but after I continued to drop weight I was donating them to friends and family right away. I hung on to one pair to remind myself never to Let myself go again. Size 48 inch waist to a 32-31. I'm not Where I wanna be but I'm glad I'm not Where I use to be.:smile:
  • VeryKatie
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    Try the box method - if you put it in a box and you don't miss it in a year, donate it. If you had to pull it out because you wanted it, keep it.

    ETA: Wait a year because then you're sure you've experienced all the seasons and you're not just throwing out your winter stuff in the middle of summer when you're feeling like you don't need it.

    ETA2: I'm going to get a couple of items tailored since I still love them. And also... my mom told me to keep my fat clothes so that I don't have to buy maternity clothes when that time comes. Smart woman, that one.
  • MamaRiss
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    Most I've donated or thrown out (stuff in bad condition). But there are a few things that I seem to be emotionally attached to, my ball gowns. The plan was to maybe have them taken in so I could wear them again, but I've lost too much weight and even the smallest one would have to be completely remade. I'm torn with them, I could donate them , lots of good causes they could support. Or I could sell them, and put that money to restocking my wardrobe. Decisions I am not emotionally ready to make, though this is the time to act since the Marine Corps Ball season is coming up quickly
  • I plan to give to my sister who always says she's lighter than me to encourage her to lose weight too. She's one of those kind of people who like competition lol :laugh:

    That or donate to a goodwill or even make a blanket of them :wink:
  • cgvoabc
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    BURN IT!!

    I donated my old clothes and I'm just about at the point where I need to replace the clothes I bought a few months ago so more to donate.

    It never dawned on how expensive it would be getting in shape!
  • I was still wearing medium sized clothing at my heaviest (I'm short), so I sold mine to Plato's Closet and other consignment stores (higher end stuff to higher end stores); Anything that wasn't in sellable condition or out of style got donated or thrown away depending on if it was in decent condition.
  • StaciMarie1974
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    I've given it away. Gave a lot to my sister - she said she had a friend who would be happy to have my 'old' size 14's and 16's. Some of which I received for Christmas. Last year on my wish list, I put the honest sizes I was wearing at the time. Instead of the sizes I wanted to wear. And now I can't wear them any longer!

    Went thru and separated out some workout clothes last night that are now too big. That seems odd!
  • violasmith85
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    I get rid of them as soon as possible so it motivates me to never go back. Still have one pair tho to use when I hit my goal weight for a photo.
  • Francl27
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    Thrown in a box in the corner of the room because I'm lazy.
  • seltzermint555
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    At first I hung onto stuff or tried to keep wearing it when it was baggy, but for me I kind of knew when things had "clicked" with my weight loss because I hung out in the range of size 20-24 for most of my late teens & adult life so once all my size 20's were way too big I knew I wasn't going back.

    When I had a ton, I sold them at a huge garage sale after advertising it on local facebook groups. Now that I just have a few things at a time I generally donate to thrift stores/shelters or sell "lots" of items for $20 on Craigslist.

    I have found however that it is WAY harder to sell ladies and juniors clothing. The last sizes I got rid of were XL and 13/14 and it took a few weeks to sell those...plus size stuff went like crazy, usually within 2 days it was sold.
  • mereditheve
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    Depends -- do you like them? If so, get them altered. If you don't have any desire to wear them again, donate them! Take the tax writeoff, encourage yourself to keep your newfound fit shape, and help someone in need.
  • Catherder58
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    I've donated most of them, and have had a couple of pieces (expensive dresses) altered . I've also kept a few things that don't look too bad and aren't actually falling off my body as "I'm having a fat day" outfits. I work from home, and on those bloaty PMS days, it's nice to have something comfy to wear. A few things are set aside to go to the local consignment shop--just haven't gotten that far yet.
  • mseslee
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    I get rid of it *kitten* soon as i don't fit it anymore. I don't want the temptation of having clothes that i can fit into already to be the reason why I gain weight again.
  • LessHeavyVeggie
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    I recently tried on every item I own and separated them into too big, right size and too small (online purchases/too embarrassed to try them on etc). Most of my clothes are stretchy type fabrics so it's taking longer for them to get too big.

    I've put all my too big stuff in a drawer under my bed, I'm going to wait until I've got a decent amount of things to get rid of and sell/donate them, but there are some tops I want to keep as I think they could look good as dresses when I get smaller - a slimmer friend borrowed a top from me about a year ago and wore it as a dress when we went out so I know it can work with certain things.
  • I tried that and had to buy new clothes in the larger size again. Hopefull with y'all to help I won't do that again. I gained 100 lbs back. D-: