Looking for friends with 50+ pounds to lose!!

Hello everyone!
I just created my profile today and I am looking for motivation and support to help with my weight loss journey!
Ive been off and on diets a lot and this time im really trying to stick with it. AND I NEED YOUR HELP!!!
Add me so we can help each other through this journey!


  • Feel free to add me. I started out needing to lose 68 pounds to reach my goal and I'm getting there. It's a struggle, but with the right kind of encouragement in your life you can get through it.
  • luvtat2sonme
    luvtat2sonme Posts: 1 Member
    I started my workout and eating plan today, September 22nd. I weighed in this morning at 208.4lbs. I am trying very hard to work towards losing 50lbs by February 22, 2015 (5 months).
  • purcel
    purcel Posts: 34 Member
    Hi! I have 53 more pounds to lose in my weight loss journey! I've been working hard for the last 10months with no intentions of letting up. Feel free to add me :) The more support the better I say :D
  • Hi you can add me too i've 58lbs to lose. I too have been on every diet so here we go again but this time we will do it !!
  • prettyface55
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    You can add me too :)
  • KathleenCora
    KathleenCora Posts: 160 Member
    You can add me too. I started 11 days ago and need to lose 70 total. So far I'm at 9lbs loss.... you can do it!!!
  • amhunter17
    amhunter17 Posts: 5 Member
    I have a total of 70lbs I'm looking to lose by next year!!! In need of motivational people as well!!
  • Hi....I am 56 yrs old and have approximately 50 pounds to loose also. Would love to help you and would love you to help me. I am starting tomorrow, 9-23-2014. Ok we can do this:flowerforyou:
  • I'm needing some motivation for sure- I've got 50 pounds to lose and it's going to be a very long path to lose it... would love to help you on your journey :)
  • connieelaine24
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    Motivation is the hardest part, Of course I wish just thinking about what I need to do would count for something... I'd be a size 4 by now..lol I think we all need that cheerleader telling us we can do it if we just keep going. It also would help if some dragged my but out of bed and prepared all my healthy meals for me too...lol But, since that's not going to happen anytime in the near future it helps to have people on that journey encouraging you along the way. So, feel free to add me anyone that's interested. Thanks.
  • CherryChan81
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    Please feel free to add me. I have 48lbs to lose... hopefully by Feb 15.
  • I will go with you on this journey to a better lifestyle! 50 pounds need to come off of me
  • Shazie1966
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    Just started my journey yesterday... some motivation will help :D
  • Add me, please!
  • Davali
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    I still have over 50 to go - Unfortunately I'm very a remorseful boomerang (returner to the site)... had lost quite a bit 2 years ago and then in the last year have gone up and down by 7-14 pounds at a time and then pretty quickly another 14 in less than 2 months! Really needed to get back on the wagon - so am on a renewed mission and am back with purpose, so happy to be motivated by and provide motivation along the way :)
  • I need to lose 55 lbs no later than march 2015 but thats not all I would like to lose a total of 75 pounds.
  • You can add me too. I started 11 days ago and need to lose 70 total. So far I'm at 9lbs loss.... you can do it!!!

    Thats fantastic!! I can't wait to see results. I started yesterday but I already feel better. I know its because of what I have eaten the past two days. Fruits & veggies, baked or grilled chicken, etc.

    keep up the good work!!!
  • Please feel free to add me too! Really trying to get going.
  • StillwaterLady
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  • lore2810
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    41 y/o female
    Would like to lose 50 lbs at least
    Feel free to add me!
    I could definitely use some help with my getting healthy journey