Need motivational/ accountable friends!!! PLEASE ADD ME! :)

Hi All,
I started out in 2012, I worked out ate right for just under a year and lost 65 lbs. I recently got married and before i got married i gained some weight back and gained a little more back since then...maybe total i gained like 15 lbs back....But I want to get my body back, i got lazy and stopped working out. I used to lift weights and run 4-5 miles A DAY mon-fri. I want to get back to that again I just need a little motivation! My husband says i look fine and blah blah but i dont care what he thinks I care what i think and I wanna be back to looking great for him!! I want back to 177 lbs and then go LOWER and i want back into my size 7-8 jeans i just hit back into double digit jeans and im if you want to challenge each other and motivate each other please add me! I have a treadmill and free weights and work out dvds at my house and I walk/run during my lunch breaks when its nice out!!! I lost a lot of weight before i can do it again!!! :)