My left side of my body is losing but not my right

I noticed yesterday in the mirror that my left side of my body has lost 2 back rolls and on my right side I have all three rolls and they are not going anywhere no matter what I do??? What has caused this?? is this normal??if so what should I do to fix it


  • runner359
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    A few others have mentioned this too. They say it evens out eventually. Its progress.
  • DeterminedbyGod
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    Yes I have read that on here before and I hope I am ok
  • LeonCX
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    Maybe you have an unbalanced diet.
  • adiggs2777
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    Sadly we can't control where the fat goes from and where it stays at. I lose from the top down. And also the left side of my body is less lumpy than the right. So I feel your pain. Eventually it will catch up!
  • leggup
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    Everything will eventually even out, unless you are using one side of your body WAY more than the other.
  • lemonyradiomen
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    I've never heard of this! Sorry, I do think it's very interesting though. Yes it should even out, but I wouldn't rule out that it might be caused by posture or muscle imbalances. For example if you carry a heavy bag on one side, you might lean more to one side giving the appearance of rolls. Or in my case I noticed, before starting strength training, that my glutes are a little more developed on one side so half of my butt looks slightly bigger than the other. Just a thought.
  • DavPul
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    Maybe you have an unbalanced diet.

    damn. i came up with a comment but it wasn't even 30% as good as this. i'm just gonna keep my mediocrity to myself.

  • _Terrapin_
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    Hole the camera in the other hand. Now where do you see the rolls? I know, no need to thank me.
  • skullshank
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    Maybe you have an unbalanced diet.

  • heybales
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    Especially on the back, it can also be a sign of a high hip stature.

    High hip can be because you have unequal legs, or because you have muscle imbalance and it is being tilted forward on that side and/or pulled up.

    Just comments from PT assessment.