Weird "Dinner" on 4th night

So, today is my 4th day and I had to attend a cocktail reception at a restaurant. Not an ideal situation for someone new like me. Because of the situation, I wasn't really able to order a meal where I could take an educated guess at the calories. It was a few nibbles of appetizers here and there. I know my bevvy calories were 330, as each "skinny" drink was said to have no more than 165 calories each and I had two. But I wasn't able to figure out my food calories. So, just move on to the next meal and day, right?

Well, here's where the weirdness for me occurs. I have tried and failed to lose weight 1,938,627 times (or so it seems). I DO NOT want to fail again. I don't think I can take the psychological blow - LOL! So, I want to be as "uber-diligent" as I can about counting and logging. Since this is day 4, I don't want to "screw up" so early on.

Any thoughts on this issue are most welcome.

PS - I'm attending another event tomorrow evening where I cannot count precise calories, but can take a better-educated guess at what I'm consuming, as it will be more of a dinner type thing.


  • AleciaG724
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    I get it! I'm sure if you really wanted to be diligent, you could figure out what most of the things you ate were... Search the data base, search online, etc. until you find something close to what you ate. I'm sure most things were fairly common appetizers and you will find something similar listed. If not, you can always do the quick add calories option. Good luck to you!
  • LeonCX
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    Life happens. There are people here who don't even count, never did, and lost weight successfully. (I'm not one of those people.) There is nothing wrong with 'guess-timating'. We can strive to be perfect, but no one ever is. Even being precise six out of seven days reaps rewards. Have a good time at your next party!
  • Thanks for the feedback. :)
  • logg1e
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    Make the best food choices you can and err on the side of caution with your guesses. I would also suggest being far more conscious of the food you eat. Don't say "a few appetisers here and there". Do say, "I had a handful of salad leaves, one of those mini quiches and three mini sausages. I didn't eat any of the pork pies or cakes".