the dumbest thing i've ever done...

Options lose weight is?


  • SugarBabyGirl
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    This program called SureSlim. I'm not sure how many calories I was eating but I think it was about 500 / day. They recommend you do NOT exercise. (Makes sense since you hardly have enough energy to stand never mind move.) I dropped 40 lbs in 6 weeks. It was awesome. (NOT) I also was exhausted all the time and my hair started falling out. It took a long long time to recover. It also cost me about $1000 for the program, I bought my own food.
  • Pspetal
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    The Master Cleanse. The lemon, cayenne pepper, maple syrup thing. I lost 9 pounds in 7 days and gained it all back in 3 weeks. I suffered through horrible hunger, was dreaming about solid food all the time, my tongue went bald, the salt water flush gave me explosive diarrhoea and nausea and the relentless lemon squeezing made my hands hurt. Never again!
  • xmusicloverr
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    a "water diet". It's exactly what it sounds like.
  • Blacklance36
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    Options lose weight is?

    Stopped eating real food to make room for lots of red wine on my total calorie count.
  • yopeeps025
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    undereating with excessive exercise.
  • gzus7freek
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    The 7 day cabbage soup diet.....yea I lost weight but from puking my guts out for 2 days straight!!!! ugh
    Not sure why my body revolted but it did and I still cannot eat cabbage
  • JojoW8183
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    anorexia nervosa, anorexia athletica, bulimia (short-lived), excessive use of diuretics and laxatives, and excessive use of "diet pills". I think that's about it :ohwell: