I started trying to lose weight & get back into shape about 3 months ago. I'm 43 & have lost 15 lbs. I start off with walking, but now i'm ready to run! BUT, now I have runners knee. Any suggestion? I don't won't to stop now, I'm just getting started.


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    You just told my story! Here's what I've found out:

    Trainer says not to wear a brace but instead to focus on knee strengthening exercises. Lots of google on that.
    Chiropractor says to wear kinesiology tape around my knee cap to stabilize it until the muscles are stronger. He also said to ice it every night on the theory that it is tendonitis of some sort.
    Going to the Orthopedic doctor on Tuesday just to make sure it's nothing more serious.

    Also, there are other great exercises that are less impact on your knee. I ran on Friday. Then on Sunday, to give it some rest, I rode my bike instead. Then on Tuesday I ran again and it seems fine since then.

    Hope that helps!
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    Have you gone to a running specialty store and had a gait analysis done and been fitted with proper running shoes?
  • Here's what LCDR Jim Cowan, Navy SEALs BUD/S Physical Therapy, has to say about knee pain. I hope this helps!