Long run recovery?

Another thread got me thinking... How do YOU recover after a long run?


  • ThickMcRunFast
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    Sometimes a protein shake while sitting in an ice bath followed by a 20 minute nap.

    Sometimes a shower beer.
  • timeasterday
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    Eat a lot. Try not to sit around too much. Get a good night's sleep. Take a rest day the following day.
  • fleetzz
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  • ZenInTexas
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    After a really long run, like 3 hours, I'll have a recovery shake while I soak in the bath. After just a regular long run like 2 hours, I have coffee and eat a bunch of food. If I'm being good I'll foam roll later in the day.
  • JustWant2Run
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    Ice cream. Proteins, carbs and yummy!! :)

    I always foam roll morning and night but I will add a quick session after a long run.

    That's about it :)
  • Lots of water, a good streatch, a bit of food or chocolate milk, a hot bath with epsom salts, sleep.
  • SKME2013
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    I eat, take a shower and then go for a walk with my dogs. Sitting too much after a long run makes it worse for me.
  • aarar
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    With another run :)

    Seriously though the worst thing I can do after a long run is to sit down and do nothing for the rest of the day. When I keep busy (no matter how exhausted I am) I I never feel stiff or sore.
  • georgiaTRIs
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    I stay active and drink lots of water. A nice walk a few hours after the marathon always helps. DO NOT sit for the day. Keep moving
  • cms721
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    Eat, walk around, get on a massage table.
  • goanothermile
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    Another thread got me thinking... How do YOU recover after a long run?

    It depends.

    <8 miles: Nothing special. Shower. Hydrate. Eat what I need/want. Stretch. Might do this before work.

    8-13 miles or less at a normal training pace: Glass of Hammer Recoverite or chocolate milk. Eat some protein. Just get on with normal activity, which usually includes some walking around. Foam roll, definitely after and possibly before.

    Over 15 miles, really fast or hilly run, or after a half marathon race: Same as above, plus an ice bath. Foam roll before and after if possible.
  • DavidMartinez2
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    Define "long run".
  • davemunger
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    Stretch. Sit down with friends for coffee. Try to eat some carbs and protein. Then the next day I always make sure to do an easy recovery run. This, more than anything, even if it hurts, will substantially alleviate the DOMS that typically appears on the following day.
  • lporter229
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    Nice long shower, otherwise, nothing special that day, but I do a good recovery run the next day and eat TONS of food. I am never particularly hungry after a long run, but the next day, boy I can eat everything in sight!
  • tkillion810
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    I drink a recovery shake while I shower and then try to keep moving around the remainder of the day. I don't take a rest day the next day - I usually go to kickboxing and do a recovery run.
  • sarahc001
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    <20mi: Go back to work, or stay active through the day
    20-30mi: nap, then a short walk (approx 1mi loop with the dogs.) Sometimes I work these days too (tomorrow I'll do 20 in the middle of my work day.)
    31-50+ Bourbon and coke, sometimes a beer lol.
  • litsy3
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    After a long training run: stretch, have breakfast.

    After a race: stretch, go for a cool-down jog, then eat a huge plate of roast beef and drink half a bottle of wine.
  • _Waffle_
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    Protein shake, breakfast, shower, relax and maybe nap. Then I have a couple beers and watching some football while icing my feet (if necessary).
  • Shropshire1959
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    Chocolate Milk .. can't get enough of this straight after a long (for me) run
  • saskie78
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    Small amount of food immediately after, followed by a full healthy meal an hour later. And a nap.

    Of course, this is what I try to do, but sometimes, I forget to bring a snack for postrun, drive for an hour home after, and then eat a pint of ice cream when I get home instead :)