People in their twenties??



  • I'm 26 and new to this site. I love seeing how everyone motivates each other. Feel free to contact me anytime.
  • battyg1313
    battyg1313 Posts: 176 Member
    im Glenn.... just about in my 20s still.... feel free to add me :-)
  • Gameofthrone
    Gameofthrone Posts: 1,522 Member
    Just turned 25 last month. Anyone is welcome to add me up =)
  • Memowe
    Memowe Posts: 137 Member
    I'll be turning 20 next month! Feel free to add me :D
  • tifftwoten
    tifftwoten Posts: 25 Member
    I'm turn 29 on Monday and would love to have more friends on here too.
  • kendalslimmer
    kendalslimmer Posts: 555 Member
    I'm 26 and just starting out. (based in the UK) Add me!
  • skinny_buddhaa
    skinny_buddhaa Posts: 11 Member
    22!!! Anyone feel free to add me. :D
  • zoeyzore
    zoeyzore Posts: 13 Member
    Anyone feel free to add me as well! 25 here!
  • I'm 24! Anyone is welcome to add me!
  • InGodWeTrust22
    InGodWeTrust22 Posts: 8 Member
    I'm 22, feel free to add me and my new group called for the inspired. The group will have health topics, motivational speeches, recipes and anything anyone wants to add.
  • terar21
    terar21 Posts: 523 Member
    26 here. Anyone is free to add me.
  • I'm 23 :) feel free to add me, I've got another 100 pounds to lose. :)
  • maizerage66
    maizerage66 Posts: 367 Member
    21 here! Everyone is welcome to add me, I'm always on and love showing support and advice to those who seek it :D
  • 21 yr old here. I am studying abroad in Belgium for three months and I need some friendly pushing and motivating or just some more friends to keep me going over here while every thing else it telling me to eat, drink, and relax all the time. No time for quitting or stalling!! Anyone, please feel free to add me :)
  • modresako
    modresako Posts: 3 Member
    feel free to add me I´m 24:)
  • misswhitney1
    misswhitney1 Posts: 72 Member
    I'm 27, and pretty new (5 day streak!) I'd love to add some new buddies!
  • vespiquenn
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    24 year old, elementary art teacher here. Looking to to lose around 20-30lbs. Feel free to add me. :)
  • axw7454
    axw7454 Posts: 32 Member
    23 and hella awesome! Let's motivate each other!
  • notfromarizona
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    I'm almost 19...close enough? Also pretty new to the site.