Random thoughts...need motivation

I purposely have not logged in all week because I felt I needed a fresh start, and I haven't worked out all week either (that wasn't on purpose...homecoming week had me running all day every day and staying up late-those precious moments to sleep a little bit longer in the morning were much needed!). I've been saying for a long time now that I need to recommit, I need to find my way back to this-trouble is I don't know how. Wish I could summon up whatever motivated me several years ago. This week for the first time in a long time I was sitting next to someone and I felt fat. I know I'm not, and while I'm not happy with my weight right now I know it's not too bad...but I hated that fat feeling again. I hate putting on clothes in the morning only to take them off again because they felt too snug. I don't like where I'm at.

I'm not whining, it is what it is and I know exactly how I got here (can anyone say stress eating? ice cream...lots of it?????) I need to find a way to get back to focusing on me. I desperately need motivation.


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    I would say get into a support group filled with many other committed people. Make friends in there that will hold you accountable to your goals. That worked for me great.

    I help to run support groups through Facebook. We have lots of people in there that are improving themselves and helping everyone else to stay accountable. We teach about proper nutrition and how to exercise. I'd be happy to chat with you about it if that is something that you're looking for.

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    I agree with Allan. Find people that are like minded. I have been on my journey for over year and have been "stuck" in many plateaus. If I didn't start making new friends, ones that found active things to do instead gathering around food-I would have made the gains I have.

    Motivation is challenging. This time of year is stressful for most with the start of school. Make sure you are logging enough sleep. I find that is a significant trigger. When you don't have enough sleep, you brain triggers additional hunger signals as you are awake longer and need more energy. It is okay to go to bed hungry (not easy to do, I will admit).

    You can start little things to add extra activity like challenging yourself. My family does this-the first to look at their phone after dinner has to do 15 jumping jacks. Keeps us active-and more importantly challenging us to do something together.
    I do lots of random things.
    This month I am completing the burpee challenge and I have my family doing it with me... everyday until the end of the month (80 burpees, 80 pushups, and 80 squats). I may die but I will do it ;)
    Good luck. You got this
  • I have moments like that too! What has helped me recently is a new product I take. It gives me a little boost and helps me stay focused during the part of the day that I'm most tempted to snack or not want to exercise.