Help I lost my butt??!!!



  • Soggynode
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    I'm down 60lbs and I too was little startled when I looked back and my butt was missing. Fortunately my wife reminded me I that never had one to start with so I'm just back normal.
  • frygirl1954
    The first time I saw my collar bones I almost cried! I noticed my butt was gone after losing the last 15lbs. My boobs left me about two months ago, which if ok as long as I'm not naked.... I have sixpack abs but, all the extra skin hides them.....
  • BlueBombers
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    Squats, lunges and deadlifts are a great way to shape up the buttocks region and legs as well :wink:

    I lost a good chunk of my boobs :sad:
  • C5North
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    I'm only down 35 but so far...

    -Waist. I've gone from size 50 pants (actually probably should have been in 52) to being able to get 2 fingers in the waist of my size 46 pants.

    -Fingers. I wasn't expecting this. My ring is getting really loose.

    -Legs. 2 months ago I wasn't able to get the size 46 pants I mentioned above past my thighs.
  • mangogirl272727
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  • jasonmh630
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    My Head/neck... and my arms. I have flappiness under my arms now lol.
  • saracantthink
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    When I did my measurements for the month I had lost more than an inch on my waist and thigh but none on my hips and neck. Usually I would lose my boobs, but since I am lactating they have actually grown (temporarily). I can't wait until the empty baby belly goes away, and my hips (hopefully) go back to their pre-baby shape. I am still only 14 lbs. down with 64 to go.
  • steff274
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    Boobs although they were never big even when I was overweight!! Then face then everywhere!! My butt is non existent too!! Despite the amount of weighted squats I do!! My legs are lean but I have the most un lady like calf muscles and well I quite like my biceps I have to resist the urge to flex them my otherhalf doesn't like them or perhaps he is jealous!! :tongue:
  • arditarose
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    boobs, back, waist, face, ankles, arms...everywhere but da butt baby. Today I decided, I think I'm gonna keep it. Going into maintenance :)
  • Holly_Roman_Empire
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    I lost it in my shoulders, arms, and back mostly. Weird, I know, but that is the most defined part of my body, even though I could probably stand to lose about 10 pounds in my *kitten*. I wish spot reducing were a thing sometimes.
  • DWBalboa
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    I seem to have found it! It's right here, I'm sitting on it right now, oh wait nope that’s just my own fat *kitten*. Never mind! :happy:

    Actually, I've lost a lot in the face, mid-section and moobs, the twins have really shrunk down.
  • tkdgirlms
    I'm a bit behind on my tv shows but at least you don't have those fat babies popping out like in the Dr Who episode I watched last night...weird!!
  • MarissaPalm
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    R.I.P to all the butts out there :brokenheart:
  • Jbarbo01
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    boobs, tummy, and butt. My arms and legs are still similar size...stupid body!
  • vanillacoffee
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    I lost my boobs first! Sadly I still have a lot of butt. Someone care share mine!
  • farfromthetree
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    Stomach first. I lost my butt too, and I do squats like crazy. I miss it.
  • Archon2
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    Same story here OP. Lost it from face, neck, butt, thighs...pretty much everywhere...the least loss is from the gut. It is said that males will lose here last...and mine is reduced by half or more but what is left is stubborn. 47 lost and another 16 to go...hopefully it will finally be gone.
  • brightsideofpink
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    40 pounds gone and my old jeans still fit fine around my waist. But they have sooooooo much room in the butt that the back pockets seem to just hang to my knees. Seems like I have lost a lot there clothed, but when I look at it naked in the mirror, it all still appears to be there, lol.
  • jfauci
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    Down 60 pounds here and it all came from the boobs and sad:sad: :sad: :sad:
  • in4nomz
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    I lost it in my shoulders, arms, and back mostly. Weird, I know, but that is the most defined part of my body, even though I could probably stand to lose about 10 pounds in my *kitten*. I wish spot reducing were a thing sometimes.

    No. Keep dat *kitten*.