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Carbs over again! How to eat a balanced diet???

So.... I've been on MFP for about 2 weeks and started looking at general trends in my diary. I've recently noticed that I am not getting enough protein and so have shifted my focus the last 2 days to increasing my protein - I've done pretty well, but it seems I am ALWAYS over on my carbs! :grumble: (My diary is public if this helps anyone)

How does one eat a balanced healthy diet with lots of fruits and veggies without going over on one's carbs? :sad:

If I'm over do I need to do more cardio to try to burn them off? Is this going to throw off my other numbers, such as my precious protein????

I'm not all that great with nutrition, I did re-set my goals to do 40% carbs, 30% fat and 30% protein, but am still over in the carb department. :angry:

I'm trying to lose some weight (fat) and increase lean muscle mass. I'd eventually like to have a flat stomach and shapely legs, arms, etc... :love:

Any ideas, suggestions, or comments would be great! Thanks in advance!


  • cjnorman
    I added dietary fiber and sugar to the read out. I try to stay below on the sugar but if my carbs are over by 5 and my dietary fiber is also over by 5 I don't worry too much. You do have to consider the type of carbs.
  • AggieCass09
    AggieCass09 Posts: 1,867 Member
    I was a pasta addict but since adding a more protein/fewer carb resolution to the list, I have successfully overcome my carb addiction. I am a vegetarian so that will make my protein sources different, but I basically replaced high carb food with protein. Breakfast was my worst meal so rather than cereal or a toaster biscuit, I have a protein shake or greek yogurt. I also always have one high protein element to each meal (beans, greek yogurt, granola, cottage cheese, quinoa, etc) and this has helped a lot. Sometimes I still go over on carbs a bit (mine are set to 50% carbs, 35% protein, 15% fat) but it is a rarety. Good luck and my diary is public if you want suggestions! Good luck.
  • RedHotRunner
    RedHotRunner Posts: 850 Member
    You need carbs for energy and it appears that you're getting all your carbs from good sources. I wouldn't worry about it too much if I were you.
  • jenbusick
    jenbusick Posts: 528 Member
    One thing you might try, just for information purposes, is to add both fiber and sugar to what you track in your diary. If your carbs are mostly fiber, I simply wouldn't worry about it -- but if they're mostly sugar, I'd try to shave that.
  • RaeannePemberton
    RaeannePemberton Posts: 382 Member
    look to fruits and veggies that are lower in sugar... berries & green veggies are best... i also don't really eat bread myself, and the only real "oat" i eat is oatmeal.... keep experimenting and you will get there. you may want to do a google search to learn what percent you should eat of carbs/fat/protein... depends on your fitness goals & activity. you may want to tweak the goals that MFP has automatically defaulted for you. i have mine set at 40% carbs, 35% protein i think....
  • NoAdditives
    NoAdditives Posts: 4,251 Member
    You can try doing a higher protein percentage. Protein is good for your muscles and helps keep you fuller for longer. Also, pay attention to what kinds of fruits and vegetables you're eating. Bananas have a lot of carbs, other fruits have less. Exercising more helps too.
  • cdavis1126
    cdavis1126 Posts: 301 Member
    One thing I can suggest is to plan your day ahead. First thing in the morning, plug in your food and see where you are. If you are over, make some changes. I follow a food plan that can be found on I've lost 96 lbs so far since 10/09. Robert Ferguson also has a book that was just published. My carbs for the day are also set at 227. Total calories in a meal should be 300 to 500 for a woman, protein 15 to 30 g, carbs 30 to 45 g, fat 20 to 30% or less of total calories, fiber at least 5 g, sodium should be kept to 700 or less per meal. My diary is public as well if you want to check it out. I had to change my goals on here to suit my food plan, which luckily, is NOT a diet! LOL Send me a message if you have questions.