First 10..

Wow, 2 weeks and I've dropped 10 pounds. I feel wonderful. I have no pics yet only because I'm just not that comfortable yet. Maybe after 20 there will be a dramatic difference. But still I think 10 pounds is great. I didn't know that Calorie Counting was so important until now. So, so far I'm in the lead in our "Biggest Loser" competition here at work. Just thought I'd share with ya.

Oh yeah, STAY DETERMINED and it WILL happen! :drinker:


  • mjf0461
    mjf0461 Posts: 470 Member
    That's awesome..Great work....Keep moving down...
  • LisaZaugg1976
    LisaZaugg1976 Posts: 1,144 Member
    great job keep up the good work!!!
  • IdaMoreno38
    IdaMoreno38 Posts: 105
    Thanks guys! I can't wait till my numbers pick up like y'alls.. 57 and 27, that's wonderful!
  • larisadixon
    larisadixon Posts: 201 Member
    yaya thats great!
  • Ding724
    Ding724 Posts: 791 Member
    That's incredible!!!! Keep up the hard work :flowerforyou: took me 3 months to lose the first 10lbs :ohwell:
  • A_New_Horizon
    A_New_Horizon Posts: 1,555 Member
    Great job. Keep it up.
  • shellyxxxxx
    shellyxxxxx Posts: 143
    thats fantastic ive only managed to lose 5lbs in 3 months so your doing fab well done and good luck x
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