So I made a cheesecake and then ate most of it...

I feel awful (Mentally)! I made a very fattening cheesecake for my family a few days ago and have eaten 5 pieces of it to a tune of 600 calories each piece! I have gone over my 1,200 calorie goal by 800,600,1,500 the last 3 days. It is gone now and I hope I can turn a corner tomorrow and start fresh. I have been SO good for 4 months and I hope my groove comes back....


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    Im glad you hae realized what you have done. Now you off to a new start with a new day. Kepp your goals in mind so you can lose weight and get healthy. Goood job for logging eveything u ate.
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    I have days like that.
    Couple of days ago my Mum bought a 24 pack of biscuits, froze 14 of them.
    I ate the rest and felt horrible.
    Don't beat yourself up. we all make mistakes.
    Tomorrow is a new day and fresh start
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    It's easy to give in... especially to cheesecake! My fave dessert... yum. Anyways... you can make up for the splurge by getting back on track now that it's no longer taunting you.
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    You should be commended for being honest about it. Just take this setback as a symbol of your humanity. Now you know one of your weaknesses and you can move on. Tomorrow is a new day and you'll be just fine.
  • We all slip up sometimes. By the looks of it you've made great progress so far so I'm sure your will power is strong enough for you to stay motivated and power through this rough patch. If I was cooking regularly for a group of people I would try to get them on the healthy track too so I could avoid bringing junk food like cheesecake around. Nobody needs that! Good luck!
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    You can forgive yourself now. Remember, your groove ain't gonna come back unless you make it come back. Tomorrow you need to start your day off right. Go to church or/and go to the gym. Eat lean and pick yourself back up.
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    Hey, at least you realized you're doing it!! You can work that off with a few good workouts and cutting calories here and there for the next few weeks. You can do this!
  • We all need a break from being good and it sounds like you have been for 4mths which is a really long time so don't punish yourself. Birthdays and holidays are always going to temp us and along as most of our everyday eating habits are healthy we can splurge guilt free.
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    Slip-ups are apart of this journey. Just because you fall off the wagon for a few days, doesn't mean you have to stay off. As hard as it can be mentally, just focus on doing your best. Eat really clean to wean yourself off the sugar high, drink lots of water, and do some extra workouts while lowering your calorie intake for a while. What matters is what you do in the long run. You've been doing great for 4 months. 3 days definitely won't outweigh that. :-) Hang in there and take it one day at a time!
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    So now you know where your problem lies. You have to work on your self control and learning moderation. 1 slice is a slip up, 2 or more slices well its a issue that needs to be dealt with. If not you will have more days like this when you come face to face with your temptations. Its not a easy thing to do but it can be done. Just stay positive and work towards it. If you know you are one of those people that can't just eat one then don't have none. Its not worth it and I believe you know that now. Just remember what you are feeling now the next time you decide to just have a little bit.

    So pick yourself up, brush yourself off. Yesterday is gone. All you can do is worry about today because tomorrow isn't promised. Its one day at a time.

    Good luck.
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    Katy, PLEASE don't beat yourself up about this. I know you personally and you are one person who has INCREDIBLE willpower. It was one slip-up in four months! No problem. Like someone else said, it probably just gave your metabolism a kick and you'll drop 3 lb. this week! It's over and done. :)
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    Well you learned the hard way. Just like I learned I can't make a bunch of cookies and even keep them in the freezer. It is too much of a temptation for me. Same would be with the cheesecake. I.LOVE.cheesecake!

    Keep going. :smile:
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    Happens to us all!!!!!
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    Wow :noway:
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    I am right there with you girl! It's been a horrible weekend. Out of my element visiting friends who are amazing cooks and really love to eat (as much as I do) and it was just craziness! Cheesecake, brownies, ice cream, fudge, bacon, steak, tons o' cheese.... anyway, yup, feel like crap. But I have to say that I think all the people here and this site will help get things back on track... I hope. I totally understand and I have to take to heart what others have said about not beating myself up. You too. It's alright, not the end of the world, **** happens. You'll get your groove back.
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    There are some things that are my kryptonite and I just have to be very careful about when and how much I allow in my house. I love to bake and unfortunately, I'm really good at it! But I only bake the really bad stuff occasionally and either do small amounts or take it to church or group gatherings instead of having it hang around my house.

    Now that you know cheesecake is kryptonite for you (me too!) you can plan ahead if you're going to be making it again. Only make it when there will be lots of people around to help eat it or you can take it somewhere to share.

    And don't beat yourself up over it! I just went to a women's retreat and I feel like all I did was eat bad food and drink coffee! Today I'm eating very sparingly and keeping my carb count low. Tomorrow I'll be more normal but I need to give my system a break since I feel nauseated. Bleh!
  • Guilt can be a great motivator! :smile:

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    Now I really want cheesecake!!!!!!!!!
    Shame you didn't tell us sooner I could have come round and helped you out :P