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Let's give this a try!

I h ave struggled with my weight ever since I was a child and still to this day...I am 31. I think I weighed 180 lbs. in 4th grade and although I "carried it well" as everyone used to say it weighed on me more than they knew. I got up to 225lbs by my 8th grad year (size20s were tight) and decided I had to do something before high school. I was able to chisel away pound after pound over the summer and next few years to get down to 170lbs! It was hard work but I felt great and worked really hard. I kept the weight off for almost 15 years and now I am losing a little control. I never did get to my goal weight and i really would like to get there. I have never tried an online resource like this but it looks great. I am ready for another try and lose, not only the baby weight from 7 months ago but the pounds that have been creeping on. 25lbs to lose to get to 160. I can do it! Right?


  • raqattack8
    Hey there,
    I've just come back on MFP, I joined over a year ago and found this a wonderful site where you could come and share your thoughts and there is so much encouragement out there. I too am 31 and for all my life I have been over weight, I got to 89kg = 196 lbs and I am only 5 2", I lost 14kg = 30lbs and then hit a brick wall, it' s not that I plateaued I just gave up and lost all motivation, but I'm back on here after 3 months and hope to finally get to my goal weight.
    Good luck with your journey.
  • Heather75
    Heather75 Posts: 3,386 Member
    Right. You just have to keep at it. Welcome aboard.
  • Nikstergirl
    Nikstergirl Posts: 1,549 Member
    Welcome! I have struggled for a long time, and I love this site! I get the tools and the encouragement I need to keep going! Good for you for making the decision to give this place a try, I don't think you'll be sorry!!!!!
  • tamanella
    tamanella Posts: 500 Member
    Right! You CAN do it!! Feel free to add me as a friend if you'd like and I'll cheer you on!