Hey Ladies I did my 1st spinning class today and my vagina still hurts lol, boy those seats are so hard!!! hasnt anyone invented something for us ladies?, hope I get used to it, otherwise I may have to bring a pillow next time lolllllllllllll

On the whole a good class I was sweating buckets, it was challenging, I cant say fun more like torture but I have booked another class on Thursday,

Summer is fast approaching so the battle againt the bulge is on!!!!!

char xxx


  • Andi_Mo
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    LOLOLOL! I totally understand! I really like spinning but yes, that's the draw back. I had a gel seat and gel shorts when I did it often. They help alot. :) It gets better with time too :) Good luck!
  • catcrazy
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    might be worth investing in a gel seat cover...take measurements of the set first tho
  • caligirl86
    The more you go...the better you get and the less you will actually be sittin... The va jay jay will aclimate to the seat.. it just takes time.. Take an advil or tylenol b4 class.. Good Luck!
  • LeonaB17
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    HAHA - I tried spinning a few years ago on a free sample tour at a gym - I honestly felt like I had been assaulted!! Never did it again!
  • foxxybrown
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    I just started back spinning. When I first started last year, the pain was immense before I got a gel seat cover from Wal-Mart for $10. This time the pain has been easier to cope with and it will get better over time.
  • Snowbunny95
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    I have the same problem with my own saddle on my road bike. Out on the road, no issues. Can ride it hours and hours and have completed a century on it. However, put the same bike and saddle on a trainer and 15 minutes later, I'm numb beyond belief.

    Yes, the gel pad that you can drawstring over the top really helps! Also, invest in a pair of cycling shorts if you can. Don't go cheap - good quality and NOT used (I've seen 'em).

    Like everyone else says, it does get better with time and try to stand/move/wiggle often!
  • hiba_b
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    I live spinning!! I take a class every Tuesday and Thursday! I love that class. And yes its torture, but the good kind. The first time u was really worried about how uncomfortable the seat was, but after the second or third class I had no problems. It gets much easier, so keep it up!! Best class to take to shed those calories!