Back on the bandwagon...

My updated profile pretty much tells where I'm at.

I love the MFP app. Very easy to use and a must (calorie accountability) for someone like me who wants to lose a lot of weight.


  • You can do it! :) Just take each day.
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    I read your profile and it sounds like you have the right mindset. Having support on here can be helpful. I know I have met some amazing and supportive people through this site. Best wishes and feel free to friend me if you would like. Tara
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    Thanks to you too!
  • cassieubanks
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    You can friend me as well if you like. I will be here a while as I have a long way to go. Could always use another cheerleader!
  • yayyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    I have been on and off this bandwagon countless times. This time I have stuck with it and have done the best. If I can you can!!!
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    Thanks. Congrats to you!
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    Friend request send.
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    Almost one year ago now that I posted this thread. What a difference in my life from then until now . Just look at my weight loss ticker.