Eating goes overboard before supper

Hi all! I am hoping someone will have a tip for me. I am generally good during the day but find myself starving just after getting home and before making supper. This is where I do most of my snacking and I just don't know how to control it!

Any advice will be welcome :)


  • Francl27
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    So skip supper. Or just eat supper when you get home.
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    ^^^^ I'm assuming she snacks while cooking supper.....

    It's really just a self control thing. Are you not reaching your goals because of this "window" of eating? If you can fit it in your calories for the day, I don't see a problem.
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    Eat your calories later in the day
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    I had that problem so I found that if I was just going to be sitting around waiting to eat dinner, going to the gym and doing some mindless cardio helps to suppress my appetite at least for a little bit. I also budget into my daily calories an afternoon snack. And if none of that helps, I'll turn to coke zero to try and hold out.
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    EmmaR32 wrote: »
    Hi all! I am hoping someone will have a tip for me. I am generally good during the day but find myself starving just after getting home and before making supper. This is where I do most of my snacking and I just don't know how to control it!

    Any advice will be welcome :)

    I bring a healthy snack to work and eat it on the drive home. This way I've had my snack before I walk in the door. Too much variety at home. Easy to tell myself a cookie here, a few chips there.....I graze. It adds up!

    Another plan of attack.....pop some air popped popcorn & keep a bowl handy. Easy to grab a nibble here and there without sabotaging your whole day.
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    I make a large iced coffee and I sip that while I cook. It keeps me from snacking. I also have recently started eating a bit bigger lunch. It seems to help.
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    I try to eat my lunch a little later in the day because this used to happen to me all the time! If you're starving, try having a healthy snack at hand for when you get home, too. I don't think simply "skipping supper" in favor of snacks is doable, or a great idea, especially if you are making a meal for more than just yourself. Maybe you can find some recipes that take 20 min or less though, that may also help.
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    I have the same problem. I either pick on some baby carrots or steamed veggies while Im cooking or I chew gum.
  • I have the same problem too! And I haven't come up with a solution yet except that I just started planning out my meals in advance so I leave calories available for snacking. Oh and I try to buy snacks that I'm not a big fan of so it's easier to say no. My typical afternoon snack is pita chips and hummus but I am trying to switch over to veggies and hummus this week instead. Hope that helps, good luck!
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    Same problem here too. After work if my boyfriend is going to be late home i will go to the gym or browse the shops, anything to keep busy. If i get home before my boyfriend i put dinner on and do some housework until he is home.
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    I keep celery sticks, carrots sticks, rice cakes, and sugar free gum to munch on when I am making dinner, need something to munch on. I log it in the evening.
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    Just dont eat supper. End of. Preparing supper involves several separate actions. It shouldnt be that difficult to stop at one.
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    What about putting supper in your crockpot? That way all you have to do is maybe make a salad or a side and supper well be ready. There are tons of healthy crockpot recipes out there.
  • Francl27
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    Yeah I don't really get it... If I'm starving at 4.30pm, I'll just have dinner then. Yes, my husband doesn't come home until 6pm, but it's not the end of the world if we don't all have dinner together some nights.

    OP never came back though so I guess it's hard to tell what the problem exactly is.
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    I plan ahead for a snack. The snack will be before dinner. If not hungry, the snack will be after dinner.

    I eat a small portion (1/4 cup) of either cottage cheese or Greek yogurt. I usually keep a large container of Chobani vanilla Greek yogurt in the fridge for this type of thing. If I can, I add milled (ground) flax seeds for protein and yummy texture. This fixes my bread/cracker-type cravings.

    Alternately, I have cucumbers, tomatoes mixed up with a bit of Feta cheese when I am having a salty craving.

    I wouldn't be able to skip dinner because I usually need the calories plus 3 children at home. I like to eat with them.
  • jessilee119
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    Some good suggestions so far. I was doing this too, feeling ravenous when getting home and needing to eat something before dinner was ready. I stepped back and tried to evaluate why:

    Am I not eating enough for lunch? Can I eat a bigger lunch and eat a smaller portion for dinner?

    What is my afternoon snack consisting of? Is it not enough to satiate me until dinner? Can I eat my snack later to help curb me until dinner?

    Once I knew the answers to these questions I was able to tweak things to work in my favor. And if I end up going a little over by the time dinner is done then I exercise and don't worry about having a post-workout snack unless if I'm hungry and the snack will still fit within my calories for the day.
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    Save calories for a snack when you get home from work - or if you don't have the calories available then go brush you teeth and then chew your favorite sugarless gum.
    My snacky time is after dinner and before bed - I do both of these tricks and it really helps.
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    That's a big problem of mine. For me, it's a hunger thing mixed with an impatience thing. I'm hungry now- why not eat now?! So I do crock pot dinners a lot so that I can eat almost as soon as I get home- or I'll eat part of dinner and save the rest for "dinner time."
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    Hi all. My problem is snacking while preparing dinner because I'm so hungry and then yes, having dinner because I'm programmed to do so. Thanks for all the great suggestions. I guess it takes writing the problem down to see how simple the solution is. Just exercise self control, eat healthy snacks and don't eat when you are not hungry! I am going to try some of the tips this week and will give a report back, that way I will feel a bit more accountable :)
  • Francl27
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    Ok if you're snacking while preparing dinner... Have some veggies available to eat. Or prepare dinners ahead so you can just reheat it when it's time to eat.