big people

i want some friends on here that have a lot of weight like i do to lose and know the struggles of things. i am not being mean i just want people that are dedicated to doing this and that we could take about things and help each other out because we know where each other are coming from and where we want to go with this. feel free to add me if you think this is you and if your going to plan on doing this for the long haul not just a couple months.


  • ridergal71
    ridergal71 Posts: 35 Member
    Hi there, I have a lot of weight to lose and am definitely in this for the long haul. I have bounced back and forth from using MFP and fitbit. I am back using MFP regularly as I missed the encouragement from others. I will add you:)
  • truecountrygirl
    truecountrygirl Posts: 100 Member
    thanks sometimes i just need people that know what its like having to lose a lot of weight not just 20-40 pounds. I want people that know what its like being bigger on my friends list. like having fat rolls and not being able to find clothes that fit and things like that.
  • suehay76
    suehay76 Posts: 8 Member
    Hello, you can count on me. I have to lose lots of weight too. Add me as a friend.
  • Hi there! I would like some friends that are looking for a lot of weight to lose as well, I could sure use the encouragement!
  • I have quite a bit to lose myself, anyone feel free to add me :-)
  • thegreatcanook
    thegreatcanook Posts: 2,419 Member
    I've lost 110 and have 20ish to go. You can add me.
  • 110 pounds! Woah! What an inspiration! I am looking to lose 100. 115 possibly.