I have a question for any Gamers on mfp



  • Flab2fitfi
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    I have a PS4 and love it although spend more time watching amazon on it at mo. got in hope for Witcher 3 (which is delayed) and elder scrolls online. Fingers crossed though there will be Dragon Age out next month.
  • cosmiqrust
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    First world problems.
    first world problems: thinking that the rest of the world doesn't think about video games or personal pleasure. grow up, dude.
  • cosmiqrust
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    ps4 though, any day. although i've had to switch to pc gaming since i just plain can't afford a console anymore. plus you can't pirate on consoles. ;)
  • Lahhdeedahh
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    I've been a PS3 girl for a long time now, I'm finally ready to upgrade to PS4! Hoping for the white Destiny edition PS4. :)
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    Wow, thanks for all the feedback! :D