Does the success of others hinder or motivate you?

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I've been wondering lately if any of the folks on my friends list are actually discouraged by the progress I've made and posted about this last year. What I mean is that can reading and following someone else's progress and success be a stumbling block to you if you're not experiencing a similar level of progress?


  • ponycyndi
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    Progress on my feed motivates me some, and seeing others log their food reminds me to log my food, seeing them log workouts motivates me to workout more, and more often.

    Seeing failure IRL motivates me the MOST, only because at the moment, no one around me is succeeding.
  • ScottH_200
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    That's interesting. Thanks for sharing.
  • LabAgility
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    Most of my feed motivates me. The only ones I do not find motivating are doing extremely low calories- mostly because for me it is not sustainable.
  • brzflapdx
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    I think most on this site that have friends feel positive and get encouragement from the success stories. I know that I get motivated when I see the tremendous change in people on this sight. It totally made me feel that I could stick to it and also make changes, even if I couldn't achieve what others have. So, to answer your question I don't feel blocked or down by the success of others. I try to mimic that, get tips, gain insight, see what works for others, and know that If I stick to it, I can make positive changes.
  • sarieth05
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    It's very motivating for me to see people succeed, particularly people on my friend's list. I think it's nice to feel like people are in the same boat as you, and you're doing this journey with others (even if you never talk to them). Sometimes I log on and just read people's success stories when I need a little pick me up.
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    The failure of others has little to no effect on me. Although, I must say that I do get a boost of happy when I see other people succeed. I like it when good things happen for other people. But as far as other people's failures, well, they're other people's failures, not mine. I can empathize, but it doesn't have any bearing on my own actions and attitudes.

    I've got better things to do than let bad news drag me down. (Sounds heartless, but surrounding myself with positive people and focusing on good experiences while minimizing or eliminating negative ones has made my life pretty darned good for the most part. (*) )

    OP, you keep on succeeding. Don't let others' insecurities about their own failures keep you from reaching your own goals or from helping motivate others with your personal victories. As I said above, I personally <3 to see success stories!

    ETA: If I'm struggling, positive stories can be motivating. Negative ones have no effect, because I'm not the type to get discouraged or commiserate. I want to see what the successful people are doing...
  • sansaeverdeen
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    I look at success stories to get motivated. It's a fantastic motivator!
  • yopeeps025
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    If someone on your friends list is not happy of your success then the problem is them not you. It motivates me a lot to see that on my newsfeed.