Trying to get back on track after fighting breast cancer for over a year

Hello all -
In September of 2013, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. I was at 117 pounds when this started and was at the gym a minimum of 3 to 4 days a week. After 3 surgeries and awful medication, I am now an official survivor but I am now up to 137 in just a year's time. : (
Today is a new day for me. I am eating right and back to logging my calories. I still can't do the extensive exercise I used to but I can walk and do light activity and start eating right. I think my awful eating habits were a little depression. I am just looking for support and encouragement right now. If I can battle breast cancer, I can certainly battle this weight right? Thanks to all and GO GET YOUR MAMMOGRAMS PLEASE!!!!!!!!


  • nmcrosier
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    You've beat cancer and are "now an official survivor" - I think if you beat cancer, weight will be an easier battle. Keep fighting. A lot of your weight is most likely from the meds. Give your body the time it needs to work them out of your system. Keep logging, doing little things to get your body moving. <HUGS> And, I'll book mine this week. I pulled out the doc scripts to get it done last night.
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    Super congrats on beating cancer!! If you can do that, the weight game should be super easy. Take one day at a time. Be conscious of your decisions and be sure to keep as active as you are able to at this time. Feel free to add me if you would like. :smiley:
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    Congratulations on being a survivor!
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    1st off, my heart goes out to you, so happy you beat it.
    2nd: anyone who has the strength to beat cancer in my eyes can do anything.
    Just log what you eat for a week or two, and if your not able to exercise much, just reduce your calories a little each day, something small that you can manage full time.

    And once you see a pound come off your weight or your body measurements slightly smaller, then stick at that.

    Just make sure that you keep your body boosted up good with a high quality multi vit n minerals pill each day.

    Obviously once your able to exercise more can then alter ya diet a little to compensate.
    And again big congratz to you
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    Janamuma23, my sister is a breast cancer survivor so congrats!! She gained weight as well, lost her hair (which hasn't grown back - any suggestions for her?). But she gets up and does what she can. She teaches ballet, tap and jazz to children starting from 6 years to 18 years. She is a remarkable person.
    - You are a survivor and a conqueror so losing the weight is just another hurdle. You have my support and whatever I can give. I have so much faith in you! You area remarkable woman - know you can accomplish anything!
  • Laoch_Cailin
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    Congratulations on surviving!!! This weight loss malarky will be easy compared to what you have been through. Best of luck...and you can add me as a pal for encouragement if you like :smiley:
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    Girly, ya got this. You kicked cancer's butt, I'm sure you'll do the same with ease for losing those extra pounds.
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    First of all: CONGRATULATIONS on joining the survivors club. I am a two (2) time cancer survivor myself. Trust me the weight does come off, your hair does grow back, your energy levels do increase. It took me time but the weight came off, honestly, however I put it back on too, and now attempting to take it off again, but it will come off again. Just hang in there, eat right and most of all take care of yourself. Weight is nothing compared to cancer. Add me if you want