p90x and insanity

is anyone doing p90x or insanity


  • Dustinsteven22
    Dustinsteven22 Posts: 277 Member
    I am. I'm in week 4 right now.
  • Insanity week 5 (the recovery week) before tough month 2.
  • nancybuss
    nancybuss Posts: 1,461 Member
    I'm doing a combo of P90X3 and PiYo. X3 is shorter workouts, which I Love. I'm working my way up to Insanity.
  • I'm on the tail end of week 4 :-)
  • K_Emily_Ann
    K_Emily_Ann Posts: 21 Member
    I am on Week 2 of Insanity.
  • covens04
    covens04 Posts: 76 Member
    I just restarted P90X3 and am in week 2. I recently finished T25 and loved that program. I have had great success so far in losing 30 pounds with X3 and T25, but still have 30 more to go. Good luck!