Weight loss story: 28 years old 6Ft 246 pounds to 186(pics) in 6 months

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3 years ago I was in the U.S. military, once I got out I completely let my self go probably reaching around 220 pounds in the next 2 years. I noticed and tried to take care of it by running every other day and eating less. evntually I ended up injuring my knee(still to this day is messed up). I used this as an excuse to stop exercising.

Later down the road I hit 246 pounds! I remember my family was coming down from England (mom is British). I haven't seen her in about 5 years, I was excited but at the same time depressed because she was going to see a WHOLE new me. I went to the mall to go buy some nice looking clothes, since I was always wearing basketball shorts and a XXL t shirt to try to hide the fact I gained so much weight.

So I go the mall with my wife and it was probably the worst experience I ever had. I was literally in the mall for 4 hours just to find something that would fit me. I ended up with 2 XXL shirts and 2 40 inch waist shorts. I remember being so angry at my self in the dressing rooms throwing the clothes that did not fit in the corner.

Once my mom arrived she acted as if everything was OK. I was shocked because she hardly said anything about my weight, so I started feeling comfortable again. But by the end of her vacation she had took A LOT of photos, which I always avoided since I did not want to see the truth. Once she posted them on Facebook I was just shocked how big I looked. I literally stopped hanging out with people because I was ashamed of what I turned into. That is when I became tired of being over weight and started my new lifestyle.

I signed up for a gym and since I had an injured knee, I used low impact cardio such as the bike and elliptical. Then added strength training a few weeks later. I now do strength training 3 times a week with cardio days in between 2-3 times depending on how I feel. I cleaned up my diet and about 2 months in I started allowing my self to have a cheat MEAL once or twice a week. Once I reached around the 190's I started to hit a wall so I cut all cheat meals and completely got rid of sugar including fruits and some vegetables such as corn. I hit 186 I just got 1 more pound left and I hit my goal. My mom comes again next week and hopefully I will surprise her.

Honestly what I learned from this experience is that its ALL mental. You need to want it more than anything. Yes the exercising hurts.... but if you want it bad enough you wont care. You also get use to the pain after awhile making it easier down the road. I think the hardest part is patience..... it took me literally 3 months before I noticed anything at all. There will be days where you lack motivation and want to skip, I just looked at my over weight pictures to motivate me and remind me why I am doing this. Diet is another important factor, if i can do it anyone can. TRUST ME ON THIS, my wife as much as I love her was my biggest obstacle when I started my diet. Shes tiny and can eat what ever she wants without gaining a pound. I would eat sprout bread as shes munching on cookies right in front of me.

Well here is my pictures.... I plan to bulk soon (just need to get rid of a little more belly fat) so ill be on a weight gain journey now! Ill eventually add my progress for that in the future. Sorry for the bad english... my worst subject and I don't have time to proof read.

28 years old
6Ft 246 pounds

186 pounds

Clothes at the mall i bought and trying them on after..also new pair.






  • burtonvdp
    burtonvdp Posts: 19 Member
    Thats killer man. It sucks trying to get in shape with injuries!
  • SassyMoonbeams
    SassyMoonbeams Posts: 229 Member
    Wow! You have done great! You look younger! Congratulations on cutting out the excuses and finding a way to work around your injury and make it happen ANYWAY! :smiley:
  • bananafannah
    bananafannah Posts: 194 Member
    Wow, awesome job!!
  • ReneeIsReady
    ReneeIsReady Posts: 97 Member
    You look great congrats!
  • mz_getskinny
    mz_getskinny Posts: 258 Member
    Very cool! I LOVE success stories! Thanks for the motivation :)
  • Timby1
    Timby1 Posts: 294 Member
    I'm thinking your mom is going to be very impressed! Have a great visit with her and congratulations on a job well done!
  • jennifurballs
    jennifurballs Posts: 247 Member
    Great job! You look so much younger too!
  • fobs13
    fobs13 Posts: 1,080 Member
    Great success. I love the before/after shots.
  • karenj_m
    karenj_m Posts: 215
    DUUUUUDE! WOW! You killed it! fantastic....wait til your mom sees those pics :)
  • archanajoyce
    archanajoyce Posts: 219 Member
    great! Wow... NOW you'll look like a brand new person to everyone around you.
  • Thanks for all the props.. ultimate test comes next week. Got the whole family coming down for almost a month and they LOVE to eat!
  • sbrookes9
    sbrookes9 Posts: 445 Member
    Awesome job! Congrats!
  • kendalslimmer
    kendalslimmer Posts: 555 Member
    Gosh, I bet your mum will be happy! :smile: Well done!
  • parsonsk64
    parsonsk64 Posts: 75 Member
    Just what I needed to read as I was contemplating skipping my workout at lunchtime today. Thanks for motivating me. :) And congratulations on your achievements. You earned them and look great!
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