I'm from Wisconsin and would like some friends around my area. Seems like most of my friends on here are from warmer states and don't know the struggle of the changing seasons


  • cnadiger
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    I live in TX, but I'm from WI and just got back yesterday from a visit to Kenosha. It is a struggle to get out when the weather is cold and rainy (like all last week!), but I've become an expert at excuses everywhere I've lived. Down here it's "I'm so sick of the gym, but it's too hot to exercise outside!". My new attitude toward excuses is helping and I really, really enjoyed going for a long walk/run on the trails up there with the beautiful fall leaves and cooler temps.

    Good luck this winter though - I hear it's supposed to be brutal!! ;)
  • terri_mom
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    I started in the Chicago suburbs, then moved to Winona MN, and now live near Milwaukee WI. I am lucky that I have a health club in the clinic where I work, which is only about 6 miles from my house. Feel free to add me as a friend :)
  • emartin17
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    I'm from MN and I live the struggle everyday.
  • TheBeerRunner
    TheBeerRunner Posts: 2,777 Member
    Central Wisconsin, born and raised. Any Wisconsinites, feel free to shoot me a FR.
  • HeatherRM14
    HeatherRM14 Posts: 33 Member
    Born & raised Wisconsinite! Currently in the Appleton area. Feel free to friend!
  • kloos71
    kloos71 Posts: 2 Member
    Appleton, WI...I sent you a friend request! :smile:
  • wennim
    wennim Posts: 276 Member
    Another Wisconsinite here. Struggling with trying to figure out how to keep the momentum up through the winter since my bike doesn't handle snow. Feel free to friend.
  • TheLongRunner
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    Me, me! I am from Rhinelander :D
  • x311Tifa
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    WISCONSIN!!!! Born and raised here! Glad to be near Milwaukee too! Feel free to add me!
  • ethompso0105
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    ::raises hand:: I'm from the Milwaukee area (just a bit West), and I work in Milwaukee. Feel free to add me, if you'd like. Just be sure to include a note with your friend request. :smile:
  • LoneWolfRunner
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    Lived in the Brookfield, Menomonee Falls areas years ago... now live north of Pittsburgh. I was just up in Greenbush, WI last week for a trail race... I embrace running outside all winter...
  • branflakes1980
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    Southeastern Wisconsin checking in! Feel free to add me :smiley:
  • I'm in Oshkosh!
    SMFRN Posts: 108 Member
    Central Wisconsin!
  • KristyMayhem331
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    Southeastern Wisconsin here! Born and raised in Illinois but currently living in WI for the past few years! Feel free to friend me! I feel you can never have too many supportive and motivating people in your corner! :)
  • Waaaaayyy up north, near Hayward here :)
  • JessRaddatz
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    GO PACKERS!!! Appleton-ite (or is it Appletonian???) here. I'm definitely up for some WI friends!
  • soechsner09
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    Columbus here! I feel your pain ... and I'm dreading setting our clocks back in a couple weeks :neutral_face:
  • AlyssaJoJo
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    From Wisconsin here! Raised in Chippewa Falls, then lived in Eau Claire, and now I'm in Wausau - feel free to add me.
  • T1DCarnivoreRunner
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    I live in Iowa... I get it. It isn't just the cold and wind chills in the midwest, though. Our summers are very hot and humid as well. I remember once in July, I was in Houston. I flew back into Des Moines - it was 93 degrees in Houston that day. It was also 93 degrees in Des Moines. Immediately upon exiting the plane, my glasses fogged up and the air was noticably heavier to the extent that I could tell as I breathed that it was more humid. That makes a bigger difference on comfort than some people realize.