I have lost 110 pounds in less than 9 months

I started in February 2014. This journey has been wicked awesome. I switched my diet to a Paleo diet, used myfitnesspal to watch my calories and started hitting the gym with a goal to medal in a 5k in October. Smoker for over 20 years and alcoholic for 15 years I quit them both. If you knew me you would understand that if I can do it then YOU can do it. But no diet fad will get you there. No secret work out tip can do it. YOU have to want it for YOU and then you have to go and get it. I have never felt better in my life. I get an hour lunch break from work. Yesterday I ate lunch, watched a 30 minute show, did 100 push ups and 35 sit ups, went to the dump to get rid of tree limbs and got back to work early. The old me ate pizza and took a nap on the couch. I would honestly and truly suggest that if you need help getting to a healthy lifestyle that you look into eating Paleo (I only loosely based my diet off this. You can definitely take it farther than I did). Get rid of processed foods. It's hard at first but after a little while you wont want to eat anything else. Drop your calorie count down to a healthy number and use myfitnesspal app to track your progress. Exercise 1-2 times a week for at least 45 minutes and you will lose at least a couple pounds a week. Good luck to all the people struggling with weight and exercise. YOU CAN DO IT! Set a goal and believe in yourself!


  • mizzzc
    mizzzc Posts: 346 Member
    thats amazing - congrats to you. I know alcoholism is not an easy thing to give up - but when you want it you want it. :smile:
  • trudywc2
    trudywc2 Posts: 233 Member
    CONGRATULATIONS on all your successes. I started June 2014 and hoping to lose 100 lbs by April 2014 (10 months), I'm almost 1/2 way there. Thanks for sharing at least I know it's possible.
  • TheSatinPumpkin
    TheSatinPumpkin Posts: 948 Member
    Thank you for sharing and congrats on your accomplishment.
  • Rachelwin65
    Rachelwin65 Posts: 55 Member
    Wow! That is so wonderful! Congratulations!
  • sparkynazca
    sparkynazca Posts: 169 Member
    Good job, thanks for the inspiration!
  • lorib642
    lorib642 Posts: 1,942 Member
    Wowzers! That is terrific
  • jennifurballs
    jennifurballs Posts: 247 Member
    Good for you kicking two horrible and hard to quit habits! That alone is quite an accomplishment!
  • opalsqueak007
    opalsqueak007 Posts: 433 Member
    Many congratulations on your transformation! Very proud of you for giving up alcohol and cigarettes also.
  • sbrookes9
    sbrookes9 Posts: 445 Member
    WOW! I am so PROUD of you. Congratulations on your accomplishment. (*)
  • wilrhy
    wilrhy Posts: 199 Member
    Great job!!!
  • debbiedoeshealth
    debbiedoeshealth Posts: 97 Member
    Wow!! Great post and great job.
  • debubbie
    debubbie Posts: 767 Member
    Congratulations and great job!
  • wendyg311
    wendyg311 Posts: 239 Member
    Wow....you went hardcore at this. Congratulations!!!!!
  • QueenE_
    QueenE_ Posts: 522 Member
    Congratulations on all your hard work!
  • MKEgal
    MKEgal Posts: 3,252 Member
    That's a lot of weight lost, and major health improvements.
    Jarrod wrote:
    I started in February
    110 lb / 9 months = 12.2 lb/month
    110 lb / 40 weeks = 2.75 lb/week

    Possibly healthy when someone is morbidly obese, but when getting close to a healthy weight the loss will slow, so you probably had unhealthfully high rates of weight loss at least in the beginning.

  • bigT24chiefs
    bigT24chiefs Posts: 50 Member
    Added yrs to your life congrats
  • Miffylou
    Miffylou Posts: 307 Member
    Congratulations on all your success. Job well done.
  • Numberwang22
    Numberwang22 Posts: 213 Member
    Amazing, well done :smiley: Next challenge paragraphs?! :wink:
  • lighteningjeanne855
    lighteningjeanne855 Posts: 566 Member
    Rah! Rah! Paleo!
    It's working out well for me, too!
    I lost 50 pounds in 6 months, wheeeee!
    Best wishes!
  • DerekVTX
    DerekVTX Posts: 287 Member
    Good job buddy, thanks for posting the motivational story.....I hope it helps some others to get going.
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