I finally stuck to it for a day.

After two months of "I'll start tomorrow." I finally stuck to my goals yesterday.

I started to go overboard after work, which is my unsafe time, but got it in check.

Yaaay, me!!


  • motmot21
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    Yay you is right!!! ETC!!!
  • motmot21
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  • jade2112
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  • ewhip17
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    Nice job. Put a string of those together and you'll be in business!
  • SuninVirgo
    SuninVirgo Posts: 255 Member
    Great job!b
  • Francl27
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    Keep up the good work!
  • TJR88
    TJR88 Posts: 37 Member
    Woop woop!
  • HealthySideofLife
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    Good for you! You remind me of myself not too long ago, but then I joined a gym =]

    Keep it up!
  • jessicatrogers1
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    Way to go!
  • AmyMCGS
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    Whoo hoo! That must feel great!
  • neh979
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    Great . I started today but failed .Hope i can do better tomorrow
  • Ldbg289
    Ldbg289 Posts: 236 Member
    Good job. Lately I've been having problems with my willpower so haven't been able to ignore the sweets cravings. I'm still working on this.
  • MrsMizart
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    Excellent! :-)
  • TheSatinPumpkin
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    WTG. One day at a time.
  • Good deal....WTG...look at it as day 1 of 1
  • One day at a time! Keep going!
  • lmm2323
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    You are on your way. Be very proud of yourself. The first days and weeks are the hardest. The cravings and old habits are still too close. If you know you have difficult times find something else to do during that time. Try the gym, walk on the treadmill for 10-15 minutes or for however long you can do it. My saving grace was that I got a trainer 2 days a week. I justified the cost by not eating at fast food places and buying sweets to have in the house. I literally could afford the trainer by giving up fast food!!!! Change what you normally do with something new. You are creating a new you. Keep up the good work.
  • missiontofitness
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    Great job! Especially with catching yourself at a time you know you slip at.
    Here's to tomorrow, good luck!
  • arditarose
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