Workout tunes?

Greetings MFP friends. I was wondering if you could suggest for me some music to ramp up my workout. I generally listen to Country and it's not the greatest for working out. I live in a remote community so I don't have radio to keep up on the new stuff but I can download from Itunes. Please avoid heavy metal as I can't stand the stuff.



  • headofphat
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    Rage Against the Machine radio on itunes.
  • 111YoYo111
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    Hmmm sounds like metal no? Rage....
  • alaskamatteson
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    I usually listen to K-pop because it's usually really energetic and upbeat. :smile:
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    Ha ha. If Rage is a little to much for you (it would be for me!) maybe try Freestyle genre. I listen to it while doing my cardio and make sure I keep up with the beat. It's not unusual for my heart rate to go into the 170s and I love it. And time flies by. My favorite is "I believe in Love" by Reina. It's 10 mins long and sometimes I repeat it and my cardio flies by. I know people in the gym probably think I am a lunatic because I attack the elliptical like a demon when I am listening to music.

    I love country music but maybe save that for the cool down!
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    Check out Spotify's playlists (I search for workout)! They have everything from A to Z including playlists based on beats per minute if you're looking for something to run or walk to.
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    Hey cool, thanks guys. I can't listen at work but I definitely will check these out tonight.
  • 111YoYo111
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    Anybody else?
  • sofaking6
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    I have a workout playlist on spotify, plus they have a bunch as well. Here's a few songs I like a lot (song - artist)
    - -
    Electric Feel - MGMT
    Bad Girls (Leo Justi Remix) - M.I.A.
    That's Not My Name - The Ting Tings
    Wings - Little Mix
    Candyman (RedOne Mix) - Christina Aguilera
    Swimsuit - Cayucas
    Crystalline (Omar Souleyman Remix) - Bjork

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    Hi there, I have really eclectic taste, also can't stand heavy metal LOL (or pop), and don't live where Spotify is an option. I tend to listen to a variety of styles during different parts of the workout, and find that different kinds of music work better at different times ... just starting out, longer hauls, strength training, pushing at the end when you're tired ... but anyway here are some tunes that might fall into your interest area.

    These are some of my "push" tunes. You can DL individually from iTunes. These are all similar and can be segued really well (or at least that's what I do.)

    The Cuckoo / Pateroller Song (Robin and Linda Williams)
    All Aboard (Del McCoury)
    Man of Constant Sorrow (O Brother Where Art Thou soundtrack)
    Jackson (Carolina Chocolate Drops ... I have it on a live concert download, but probably any version of Jackson would be great)

    Some other country-style ideas from my iPod that I use during workouts and segue well with the ones above ...

    Caleb Meyer (Gillian Welch)
    Shady Grove (Jerry Garcia / David Grisman)
    Molly O (Steve Earle)
    John the Revelator (Gov't Mule)

    If you're into country, check out bluegrass and old-time bands. Some I like are Carolina Chocolate Drops, Infamous Stringdusters, Greensky Bluegrass and Uncle Earl (not together anymore but Abigail Washburn is an incredible clawhammer banjo player and has really good albums out, though not as "fast" -- often with hubby Bela Fleck.)

    You could also check out tunes by bands like Old Crow Medicine Show.