It's almost winter, colder weather, and I'm cold! I miss my extra insulation I had last winter! My finger tips are always ice cold and I have to put long johns on now even when just going to the store or out and about! OMG, I had never done that except when out in the snow or I was outside for an extended period of time.
I never thought it was going to be this bad and its not even really winter yet.
Who else has the same issue?


  • yopeeps025
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    I sleep with the window open. It is not that cold here yet? Research brown fat. That can help with the winter season.
  • Megan101792
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    I know what brown fat is and yeah, that isn't keeping me warm. It's in the 40's here but its getting colder each day
  • eldamiano
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    Am I on
  • yopeeps025
    yopeeps025 Posts: 8,680 Member
    I know what brown fat is and yeah, that isn't keeping me warm. It's in the 40's here but its getting colder each day

    Well if you do put in into practice and you might find having less fat that you are warmer than before. This time last year I was so much colder in my office than I am now. Thermostat is set 2 degree colder than last year.

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    Gosh, if it wasn't the weather, what else would you complain about? Solution: covered waggon.
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    I am having this issue too! The temp has dropped and where last year all my plumpiness was keeping me toasty, a lot of my plumpiness is gone and I am COLD.

    Maybe if I got a 50 lb coat it would keep me warm? I all seriousness it is going to reach the low 50s here today and I really looked hard at my UGGs this morning.

    **edited to add: the shoes you are wearign in your profile pic are great.
  • 47Jacqueline
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    Put a sweater on.
  • Veil5577
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    Yeah, the drawback to losing body fat is losing the insulation it provides. Wear more clothes.
  • Megan101792
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    Funny comments guys! I'm only "complaining" because im not used to it. It's quite the shock
  • Megan101792
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    eldamiano wrote: »
    Am I on
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    I have the same problem with my feet. They get cold a lot. Thank God for my slippers, or I'd be sad lol. Not really, but it wouldn't be a pleasant experience...
  • jemhh
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    This has been a big change for me too. I used to be hot all of the time and now I rarely am. I once even traded offices with a guy because the heating registers in the building didn't reach his office so it was super cold. Now I always have a sweater with me.
  • BZAH10
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    I can relate. When I finally lost the body fat I was aiming to lose it was quite a shock to be so darn cold all the time! But, to me, it's worth it. I just bundle up. Also, it spurs me get moving around the house in short bursts of energy because it warms me up, albeit briefly.
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    I miss my padding when I sit on hard benches or seats for extended periods of time. Makes me get up and move more :smiley:
  • Annabear3
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    I like this change in myself. But I live in the desert, so extra padding can make summer unbearable (ever been in 118 degree weather with 120lbs of extra fat?) We'll see how I do this winter. We had a little dip there where it went into the 70's and I enjoyed the chill. When it starts getting really cold, I think I'll enjoy getting to wear winter clothes and not feel so bulky.
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    eldamiano wrote: »
    Am I on
    Put a sweater on.

    Yeah, it's going to be -20C here next week. I'd still be out in my shorts in that weather!
    Put on a coat, drink some hot coffee/tea, and suck it up. <3