First Experience With Alcohol?

4 years old at a resort and country club in central Florida. I wanted a VIRGIN pina colada, and didn't know that virgin meant NO ALCOHOL. Bartender (clearly in his 20's) thought it would be HILARIOUS to put the rum in my drink, and give my mom a long island iced tea instead of a plain iced tea like brisk or nestea. My dad wanted to beat him up, so bad.

first OFFICIAL I guess was being 17 at a firefighter function with a 14 year old friend of mine, and someone brought over some mikes hard dry lemonade. We both agreed that it tasted like s--t, but kept drinking it. (she's a "leave me alone to cry in the corner" drunk, btw). They let me walk home. Parents smelled the alcohol on my breath and ordered me to bed. Couldn't remember ANYTHING the next day.


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    First official experience with alcohol was when I was 15 at friends birthday party. She thought it would be a good idea to steal her parents' vodka and after a single mixed drink I was completely done. I puked all over their lawn and had to explain to her parents, and mine as well. Needless to say, I grounded for a few weeks and did not drink for a long time after that.
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    Hummm, mine was 5 years old, keep asking my baby sitter for some. It burned my throat
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    Other than a few sips of drinks at home with the folks or family functions my first official taste was in my last year of high school when I was 17. I went to a party with my boyfriend at the time. He ignored me all night, so I of course got stuck into the beers. So I ended up vomiting a couple of times. He took me home and had to stop several times so I could spew some more. Then, he broke up with me because he said I was embarrassing him in front of his mates?!
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    13 when first drank. 15, I don't even want to get into what I did and the experiences I had (one being waking up in a different state and not knowing how you got there)...Glad that phase got over quickly.
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    I was 15. It was during summer break. I snuck into my mom's booze cupboard and got into the Russian label(back then it was a red label with Russian writing on it, now it's grey) vodka. That was awesome, and I didn't even get drunk on it. I used to drink it at the computer while I was on various websites and forums. I didn't care. I didn't think I would ever get caught. Eventually I got caught and my mom had a lock installed on her booze cupboard, thus ending my vodka adventures.
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    Coming from a heavily German/Polish family in Buffalo, as kids we were allowed to have a small glass of beer or wine as kids. First time being drunk was 7th grade.
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    Don't remember. That's how good (or bad) it was.
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    umm I used to add a little kick to my morning coffee in HS lol but before that I guess 9 when my mom let me have a piña colada at a new years party
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    It was horrible.

    15 (or 16) and I was at the town fair. A friend I had recently met somehow had beer at his place, so we went back there with a couple other friends. Between the four of us drank like 12 beers. I was already drunnnnnk tho because it was my first time.

    We heard his Dad coming home - so we were *kitten* our pants thinking OMG busted. aka how most parents would react. Unbeknownst to us, his dad was crazy tho, so he was happy to see us and plopped down a fresh case of beer.

    That's the point my memories end, until I woke up the next morning in my own puke. Had to take brothers to fair that morning too. Was a SUPER fun day on the rides...

    I actually couldn't physically take even a sip of alcohol until months (a year+?) later. Instant gag.
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    I kinda remember my very first experience. What I do remember is the first time I had jager, all types of hennessy, and my first trashcan.
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    A few sips here and there. First real drinking experience was when I was 19 at my boyfriends graduation party. My parents were in the other room which made it that much more "dangerous". We did tequila shots, lots of tequila shots. Baaaaaaad idea. By the end of the night we were all very, very, very sick. To this day tequila makes me a little queasy. I still tease my now husband about his dancing to Brass Monkey that night.
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    15 years old, over summer break. We all went to a spot in the woods. I had Mike's Hard Lemonade in a bag, tied to a tree branch, in a brook to keep it cold.. LOL
    I'm pretty sure I had 2 before I was drunk.

    My friends even brought camping chairs. I sat in one and my boyfriend came along and sat on the arm of it. We both went flying.. another friend came over to "help" .. he tripped over my feet and landed on my head. Lost my earring that night hahah

    15 doesn't seem too far off though, 19 is the legal age here
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    I was a Marine when I had my first beer. About 18. Never did care for beer much. Discovered Whisky and Sake when I was stationed in Okinawa. Much more to my liking. But my first bad experience was with Bloody Marys. They were free at the NCO Club in Okinawa from 11am until Noon. I went there with the sole purpose of slamming as many as possible. I drank 12 before noon and then, so as not to look like a cheapskate, I ordered one more and paid for it. It was 1974, I think they were 75 cents. Needless to say I was messed up by Noon. There were 5 of us.

    We grabbed a cab from the NCO club and headed for the PX. I blacked out. When I came to, I was sitting in a Barber's chair at the PX, getting my hair cut. I pushed the Barber away and went looking for my fellow Marines. I staggered through the PX and, eventually, found them.

    We grabbed a Taxi to go back to the Barracks. As we were driving, I realized I was going to be sick. My fellow Marines stopped the Taxi, opened the door, pushed me out, and drove off. It was now about 2pm on a Saturday afternoon. They had pushed me out in the middle of Officer's Family Housing at a park, which was filled with kids. I threw up in a Sandbox several times and then attempted to walk several miles, hammered, to the Barracks.

    Somehow, I made it back and went straight to the Head. I know had to throw up AND I had the shlts. So, I sat on the toilet, with my head resting on the toilet roll and did both. For about 3 hours; in and out of consciousness.

    When I finally, came to. It was about 6pm. I stuck my head under a shower head and rinsed off and then when looking for my buddies. They were all in one Marine's cubicle playing a board game called Risk. They looked up at me and said, "Val, go get cleaned up. We're going out to town for dinner and drinks."

    So, I did.
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    Stupid 14 year old ditching school and going to house party where we were drinking Micky's Big Mouth. Hard stuff even more stupid when at 15 I drank a whole flask of Te-Kill-Ya and I'm very lucky that it didn't kill me!
  • SarcasmIsMyLoveLanguage
    My dad used to let me have sips of his beer when I was a toddler, probably 3 or 4. Great parenting right there.
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    I was allowed to drink alcohol as a child, can't remember from what age, wine in my lemonade at Christmas, that kind of thing. Always with the family. So when I was a teenager, alcohol was no big deal and I didn't ever get stupid drunk. I went out drinking with friends and some of them got stupid drunk but I knew when to stop.
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    17, first time in a bar (drinking age way back then was 18), drank way too much, felt sick, never made it to the bathroom, mortified. A lot of alcohol under my belt since then but I never got sick from drinking again.
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    21. Champagne on v-day. I was a goody too shoes.
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    I'm a wee bit Irish, so Hot Toddy's were standard treatment for the flu in my house.
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    mjtunney wrote: »
    I'm a wee bit Irish, so Hot Toddy's were standard treatment for the flu in my house.

    and in my family too and I'm not even Irish.