why do I want to over eat with this bad cold? why do I think it will make me feel better?

been maintaining for almost 2 years but now I am sick and want to overeat to make myself feel better (like that will work). Got to get another mindset. Eating way too many salty foods like chips. I think I am medicating myself with food. Seems like I don't feel anything when I eat, don't have to feel any pain (just like I do emotionally but this time physical)

I have to remind myself I will get thru this without lots of food. Anyone else having a problem with this and gotten thru it Most people don't eat when sick but not me. Have a terrible cold and the first thing I want to do is run to food


  • Veil5577
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    I do the same when I have a cold and the opposite when I have a fever... maybe that's where the starve a fever, feed a cold myth originated. At any rate, I try to keep it under control but I also keep in mind that I am sick and my body needs food to fight off the infection.
  • annette_15
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    I do the same thing when I'm sick.. I feel like its better to over eat than under eat when ur sick tho... ur body needs calories to heal and repair, so treat urself if it makes u feel better, but try not to go too over board
    KANGOOJUMPS Posts: 6,472 Member
    because your brain is foggy from your sickness, what you need IS A HOT TODDY!,,, a few!!, You will feel good as new!
  • brenn24179
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    because your brain is foggy from your sickness, what you need IS A HOT TODDY!,,, a few!!, You will feel good as new!

    You might be right, you give me my laugh for today!
  • mygrl4meee
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    I am almost to goal!! But I am suffering from a bad cold and been overeating too. I am 7 days into the cold. Hope we both feel better soon and can get back to our normal selves.
  • hilaria81
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    I just went through the same thing for about a week and did give in to my wanting to eat more (a few hundred calories a day). Somehow I lost 2 pounds that week, which is more than I usually lose. Maybe being sick burns more calories! (I doubt it, but...)
  • uconnwinsnc1
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    I suppose when your body is sick you want more food for more energy to fight the illness along with more food to calm your nerves.
  • cwolfman13
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    Mostly when I'm sick Im just laying around and I get bored quickly and easily...eating gives me something to do.
  • PwrLftr82
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    The calories will help your body fight the cold. Give in...a couple of days of "overeating" won't kill you.
  • carlosjenno
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    Eat curry. LOTS of curry!
  • Debmal77
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    because your brain is foggy from your sickness, what you need IS A HOT TODDY!,,, a few!!, You will feel good as new!

    lol I agree when they say to eat if you want. Your body does need more nutrition to heal. I believe its the over eating everyday that makes you fat and not the over eating once in awhile. Its not what you eat from Christmas to New Years Eve, but what you eat from New Years Eve to Christmas. Logging everyday sure wakes me up and makes me accountable. Good luck! <3
  • apparations
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    When I get a cold I always have a craving for salty, deep fried foods. Last time I had fish and chips and it was sooooo good. So I would say limit it to one meal and drink lots of water or tea.
  • amyepperly
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    When you feel bad you may be craving comfort foods. Also your body also needs extra energy to fight off whatever bug has caused the cold. If you want to avoid it maybe reach for hot tea instead.... flavored teas are good and Celestial Seasonings have echinacea tea with extra vitamin C.
  • SomeNights246
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    I'm the same way when I get a cold (also the opposite when I get a fever). When I have a cold, all I want to do is lie in bed, eat, and drink juice. I'm not sure whether these are physical cravings, or psychological (because face it, many of us have been taught the 'feed a cold, starve a fever' myth - so for many years, I followed it). Generally, I find sipping hot tea helps a lot (and helps if I have a sore throat). Gives my mouth something to do instead of eat, and is relaxing when I'm sick. That all said, I do agree that a couple days of overeating won't hurt. And when you're sick, you should be more worried about recuperating than focusing on calories. :smile:
  • brenn24179
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    thank you all for your comments, geez it is weird I am starved when I have a cold. Maybe I do need to eat more for healing and give myself some slack. I went back to the gym today after two weeks, hope to get back on track. Thanks for reminding me it is ok sometimes to get off track just don't stay off track, that is when it is a problem!
  • 3laine75
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    I did the same last week when I had the cold - put on 4 lb (mostly water due to NEEDING chicken noodle soup =D). It's nearly off again.

    Don't worry about it, have what you want till you feel better :)
  • wellthenwhat
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    I am fighting off a bad cold right now, and for the first few days, I wanted lots of food. Especially cappuccinos. I indulged. Now my appetite is normal(although sometimes I feel like I'm coughing my lungs out:) ).
  • nxd10
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    Eat soup and toast with butter. Spoil yourself with honey in your tea and on your toast. You want comfort.
  • brenn24179
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    feeling better, wished I had of gotten on antibiotics sooner. Also weighed this morning and for some reason did not gain weight. I guess like some of ya said ya need to eat for the healing.
  • bonneycc
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    I have a cold right now too and I want to eat a bunch.