Chalean Extreme or P90X ??

I just have a few weeks left of Jillian Michaels Body Revolution, but am already starting to thinking about what to do when I finish that. I def want to use weights and not too cardio intense (like, not Insanity LOL), which I believe Chalean and P90x are not.
I will be doing my own cardio (I like to run several miles a few times a week), and if these programs include cardio I'll do them as well.

But I'm looking for which of these two is best? I just want to continue to tone up. I'm just trying to lose 10 pounds so I'm not overweight too much, but like to stay in shape/get in better shape!



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    Honestly, I think it depends on how long you are willing to work out. I have both programs. Both are equally great while being different. P90X requires you to workout 6 days a week for a minimum of 1-1.5 hours a day depending on where you are at in the 90 days. They have 3 different programs to follow: lean, classic and doubles. I am NOT crazy about the yoga (90 minutes) or the ab ripper X. You can definitely lose weight on this program but it's geared towards those who have been working out and want definition because it's about working to the point of muscle failure.

    Chalean Extreme is essentially the same concept but less time. It's also based on 90 days and it's 3 different phases: Burn, Push, and Lean. Alot of people do not see big results from this program until the lean phase. Most tend to get discouraged in the push phase because they may see a stahl or a weight gain in month 2 but you are also increasing weights with less reps. But lean is where you see biggest changes in it. It's based on 5 days a week. You only have 2 cardio days with the 6th day (usually day 2 which I hated taking off during the beginning of the week) usually a rest day or you can do the extra workout from the turbo jam series that it comes with (Fat Blaster). I personally liked this one more than P90X because it took less than 45 minutes at most on the workouts Much better on time management for those who are busy chasing toddlers and puppies around like me!!! LOL

    With P90X you will need a pull up bar and weights or resistance bands to equal the heavy weight you are trying to lift. I did not have a pull up bar so you can go to your local sports authority or to (I think that is website) and order a door adaptor that allows you to turn your resistance band into something like pull up bar so you can pull down to simulate. The bands are exactly like those you buy through beachbody but cheaper. You also have different selections for handles. I have all the bands up to 100 lbs. Much cheaper than buying hand weights to keep up with the changing weight range. Basicially I have free hand weights up to 15 lbs and from there up, the rest are resistance bands.

    Really it comes down to the time you want to spend, the personality of the coach (give me chalene over tony any day), and what you need to buy. Hands down, CLX will give you more time to incorporate the cardio you are wanting to add in addition to what the program offers. P90X will most like have you working out 2 hours a day in total if you add additional running to it. And I like to refer to CLX as a P90X light. Light meaning, less time out of my day with an extra day to do what I want.
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    I think you will like p90x because if you only have 10lbs to lose this would be a great time to tone up and build muscle, which helps you burn fat. I started Thursday & everyone I have done has worked muscles I never even knew I had. I hurt in places I have never hurt doing other workouts. I personally think the Pylometrics that you do in P90x is great cardio. It makes you an athlete. Tony says it makes you be able to run faster and jump higher. I love it.
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    I have done Chalean Extreme and would recommend it to people, but I can tell you that I am currently doing P90X and I've never seen my body change this way before! These are my results after only 2 weeks. I started May 7, 2012 and took this picture today, May 22, 2012. I didn't even know my body had changed this much until I put the 2 pictures together!

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    I found P90X to have more cardio-based workouts than CLX. I also found that CLX helped me more with focusing on proper form, whereas P90X seemed to make the assumption you already knew how to do a lot of the moves. I too, found that P90X workouts were overly long as well, and found Tony Horton hitting on the females in his videos to be annoying and gross. Definitely preferred CLX.
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    I do the strength workouts with CE but do running and my own stretch. Have you also thought about Bodybeast.