100 lbs to lose

My name is Dusti and Ive got over 100 lbs to lose. I am currently on day 11 of my journey and could use any motivation, tips, friends, etc that anyone wants to throw my way! I don't really have any major support or anyone to motivate me. All my friends are pretty thin and the ones that aren't are content with their current size. I have been counting calories and going to the gym and not really noticing any major results. I can tell a difference in my breathing and stamina but weight wise, nothing. Any tips or suggestions to kick the weight loss up a notch? Thanks!


  • Welcome! You're going to find lots of great ideas and inspiration on MFP!! I also run a healthy eating & fitness group on Facebook. We share ideas and motivation for staying on track with our fitness and health goals - which makes a big difference in terms of success! Interested/ Send me a friend request or private message on Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/niki.ramirez.90) if you'd like me to add you :)
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    Hi there! I'm Luv & I have about 80lbs to lose...Let's motivate each other!
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    I'm Rebecca and I have a 100lbs to lose, I could use all the motivation I can get.
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    Hi! It says you have lost 10 pounds...that is great!! What helped me was choosing friends that were committed to MFP, eating at a modest calorie deficit, having things in common with my friends and them having open diaries ( I think having an open diary helped keep me accountable, and I was able to get better advice)
    Make sure you are logging and weighing everything on a food scale, do not deprive yourself. Try to fit treats into your day so you don't make poor decisions. Drink lots of water. Get cardio and weight training in (make sure you do something you enjoy) Dont worry too much about how fast it is happening. It will happen. Good luck
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    I'm Breanna and I have 100 lbs to lose. Anyone that would like to add me is welcome:) Also, welcome to MFP! You're going to love being a part of this community.
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    I have about 200+ to lose and so far for my third day in I have seen a wonderful out pouring of help and advice. Support is one I struggle with too everyone else in my family are healthy weight so nothing for them to do, add in two nephews under ten who haven't met a sweet they don't like and it gets worse. So I joined here to get help and to help others. Feel free to add me to your friends and we can help motivate each other. Tip for the day eat slower and don't get on the scale everyday.
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    Hey Dusti! Good luck on your journey. There are dozens of people in our Fitness group that have lost 50, 100, more. Feel free to add me.
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    MFP has been key to continued weight loss for me. Ton's of support also available. Takes some perseverance...but well worth it. Things actually become easier the more time that goes by...I'm down to the last 15-30 lbs I need to lose. Good luck...

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    Hey Dusti, I'm Jen. I've lost 103 pounds with 27 to go. My diary is always open - though I haven't been tracking so well this past week. Feel free to take a peek at my past foods and workouts if you like!
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    Hi! I also have over a hundred pounds to lose. Eating at a deficit and getting some movement in each day has not only helped me lose, but also makes me feel better. Feel free to add me :)