Long Beach gay guy, new RN, middle-aged, 100 to lose

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Long Beach as in California, next to the Pacific Ocean. I am a hppily married to a guy, guy. I am almost done with a career-changing BSN and will be an RN early next year. Losing 100 pounds sounds like science fiction so I am just going to focus on it 10 lbs at a time. I have lost 70 pounds twice before: Once on crazy Optifast in the early 90's and it came back practically overnight, and once on WW and I foolishly let it creep back on. Mostly I want to get off the HTN and DMII meds. If you are local to me, hit me up for a walk.


  • Welcome - you're in the right place for accountability & motivation. Nice work on the incremental goals (10 lbs at a time!)
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    Welcome! Not exactly local for the walk, but here for accountability. Fell free to add me to your friends list.
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    Welcome! Congrats on your BSN and your upcoming RN. What an accomplishment!

    Small goals have worked for me, too, so 10 pounds at a time is very reasonable. Each time you hit a goal, you'll want to work harder to get to the next one!

    I'm not local to you, but hope you find some local MFP folks to walk with. :)