Why am I in such a bad mood when I work out?

If anyone interrupts me, I have no patience for it. I have a 2 year old at home with me and my husband comes home randomly while working. Or if the phone rings or the doorbell rings I get mad. It's hard getting the motivation to work out and when I am in the middle of it I just get pissed if I'm interrupted. I work out at home with videos. I am not new to working out either. I've been going strong for 2 years. Anyone else ever feel this way? Or am I crazy?


  • Hornsby
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    You're crazy ;)
  • sweetsorrow18
    sweetsorrow18 Posts: 54 Member
    Yes, I feel like this when working out at home. I hate being interrupted because it takes some time to even focus and get into it. It's pretty annoying, I agree.
  • NoelFigart1
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    If I get interrupted when writing or working out, I have a tendency to bite. I don't feel badly about this.

    That time is MINE. If you interrupt me for less than blood or fire, you may find yourself dealing with both.
  • habit365
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    I feel this way often. My internet just HAS to go out right when I have everything set up to workout (I use fitnessblender) and it makes me so.very.grumpy.

    But really, I'm like this with a lot of things, not just working out. When I have a plan I want to execute it, not mess around resetting modems or answering the phone or dealing with dog yak or whatever.
  • TossaBeanBag
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    Yeah, don't be a jerk.
  • dramaqueen45
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    I try to remember to put my phone on silent and workout when no one else is at home. Hopefully no one will come to the door, and usually no one does. But yeah, we have a small house and if I am trying to workout I feel like my husband is staring at me - and maybe he's not but it kind of creeps me out.
  • lindainprogress
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    could you be having low blood sugar issues?
  • ltssharon
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    I have some practical advice. I tell each of my family members that I am going to exercise now. They are more than happy to give me 25 minutes. After all, it also means that they have 25 minutes without me bugging them (smile). If they have something they need first, they can tell me before I begin. They ALWAYS saw ok. They will field calls, etc.
  • Keevy333
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    I used to get so annoyed by being interrupted! But I think it had a lot to do with being self conscious about the whole thing and getting knocked out of my zone. I have gotten to the point of not really caring too much, at least about my fiance. I have actually worked out in the living room with him playing video games when I needed to! Usually now, my fiance will watch our daughter for me and they usually do a good job of leaving me alone. If not, I wait for nap time and enjoy my complete alone time!
  • FedGirlUSA
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    There is SO NOTHING wrong with you! When my kids were toddlers and napping, I would get SO IRRITATED if anyone woke them up early..."me" time is so limited with little ones.

    Thing is....there is only a small window of opportunity to work out. Don't answer the phone. Don't answer the door. Just keep on doing what you were doing.
  • libbydoodle11
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    It may be nap time for you as well.
  • TheFitHooker
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    I get like this if I'm working out from home, but since I started at the gym, I don't get interrupted and found myself so much more at peace, not only that but I feel as if I push harder at the gym. I think it was because I feared the phone would ring, or someone would knock, or one of my kids would interrupt me. They can't at the gym lol.
  • arditarose
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    I workout when I'm angry. Good for deadlifts. Need to feel the cold metal grip.