Motivational friend needed!

I had my son almost 9 months ago and after dragging my butt I am finally trying to do something about all the weight I gained. Before I got pregnant I wanted to lose around 20-30lbs, during my pregnancy I gained around 40lbs, but lost about 20 naturally.... so now my goal is to lose 40-50lbs.

Basically it would be nice to have a friend who's trying to lose around the same as I am, we could talk on here or text to keep each other motivated, check in and see how the others doing, stuff like that.

Let me know if you're interested! :)


  • lina011
    lina011 Posts: 427 Member
    Hi I gained 55 pounds I'm 4 months pp now I've lost 30 pounds so far another 20 to go I'm here almost daily ad me if you like
  • angelexperiment
    angelexperiment Posts: 1,917 Member
    Hi im interested. I hace a 7 mo old and 2 older children. I have alot to lose still. So add me if u like!