Back on the wagon...

I'm new to MFP. I've heard alot of great things about it. I created an account a little while ago but never did anything more than that. As of today I'm starting fresh.
It's been about 10 years that I've been struggling with being overweight. After I married my husband we got into some bad habits of doing takeout or eating out alot and not making healthy choices. That's where the original weight gain came into play and then more so after I had my daughter.
My highest weight was 217 and I've been really struggling trying to get out of the 200's. I'm currently at 208.
I did The Whole 30 in september in hopes of giving myself a jumpstart on eating more paleo going forward. I started out at a weight of 207 and got through the month with my weight at 197, but have failed miserably since. I couldn't wait for september to be over and went over board in October with eating anything I wanted. I've gained back everything i've lost :(
I'm hoping to get motivated to eat better and beat the cravings for salty and sweet snacks and eventually get my weight out of the 200's.
That's my story in a nutshell. Thanks for reading.


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    Hey Mandy!Welcome! Those cravings are hard to beat but it can be done. I ditched mine. Feel free to add me.
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    Hi Mandy!

    I fell off the wagon too, and today was the first workout I have done in 3 weeks. Somehow I didn't gain weight even though most days I didn't stay under my calorie goals, I did gain some inches back. Not even sure how that happened!

    A few things that have helped me when I am working towards my goals and may be helpful to you:

    I have found that it is easier to make small changes and eat foods I enjoy in moderation instead of telling myself that I can't have this or that. The Halloween snack packs of Cracker Jacks have been great to have around when I want something a little sweet, but don't want to go overboard with calories.

    I started slowly on my exercise too, just a few days a week for about 20 minutes and built my time up as it felt easier.

    I try to pay attention to the serving size of items and weigh my food on a scale to make sure I am being accurate as possible.

    You may want to use something besides the number on the scale to determine if you are reaching your goals. For example, walking longer, doing more pushups, clothes fitting better or dropping sizes, and inches lost.

    Hope this helps and you can add me if you would like. Good luck!
  • Welcome :) We all need a reset sometimes, a new program or forum to get closer to our goals, and MFP is a GREAT place for that! You're going to do great!
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    Hi Mandy and Everyone!
    Back on the wagon is just how I describe myself, too! I fluctuate and it is very frustrating - mostly because I know it is in my control and I am awful at it. I'm currently at 172 and would love to get to at least 140 to hit a healthy BMI at my height. At 2 pounds loss a week, that puts me at February 20th, so that's my goal. Sounds easy - right? NOT! I was reading the other day the number one thing mistake people make in weight loss is to not do it with a partner, so if anyone wants to partner or group partner in any way, please count me in! :) I would love to be accountable to someone besides myself, and to encourage others as well!
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    I have been "back on the wagon" since September but came back here this week because it will help me keep it up. So far lost 16 and need to lose another 10-12. Holidays are approaching but I intend to stick to it. I need to for my overall health.

    The older you get the harder it is, so I've just had to commit that this is my life. Have had no dessert (unless it's no sugar added - average one a week) and will continue until I hit goal. Cut carbs WAY down and upped my veggies. Activity has always been good. Food is my enemy. I know this is my way of life for the rest of my life. If I treat myself it will be only on the rare occasion and I will NOT ever gain it back.

    I've determined this is the only way if I want to live a long life. If I can do it so can all of you. We're in this together, right?
  • Fell off myself...great that your back giving it another try!