Starting Again--for the Last Time

Hi all! I'm Jen. I'm starting again, for the VERY LAST TIME. I'm determined to use MFP and follow my plan until I reach my goal! With the holidays just beginning, my GIFT to myself is beginning a new plan and doing the work. I'm pretty excited to be starting now! I'm not naive, and I know it's a challenging time of year, but I'm energized, and I'm going to do it--one day at a time. I would love some new MFP friends--please add me!!:) Thanks!


  • Hi the same boat as you...want this to be THE LAST TIME I start this program...I have been tracking for about 3 weeks now and realize that I NEED to keep tracking my food to keep me in check. Have about 60 to 70 pounds to lose....I know its going to take a while to get this off...but I'm planning on being patient and carry on. Add me as a friend...we can motivate each other.
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    Hi Jen! Now is a great time to get started! Add me as a friend if you like!
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    I recently started again as well - I started on MFP last year - set up my profile and never stuck with it. Also, I lost a bunch of weight 10 years ago and have gradually come back up. But, I am very committed this time. I log in every day. So, feel free to add me as well.
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    Hi Jen,
    I'm 53 and I have just started again today, got to be more focused and not give in this time. Come on we can all help each other. Think it will help having friends to talk to as well,so you can add me if you want to.
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    I think this is meant for life and not just till you meet your goals for 2015.
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    I have started again too. I lost 30 pounds before using MFP, but I gained it all back. I really hope to not mess it up again this time. Feel free to add me!
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    Before you start then please spend sufficient time planning and getting the right mindset. It needs to be realistic and sustainable to be in line with the lifestyle changes that MFP suggests. Ask yourself what went wrong last time and what your new coping strategy will be this time, so when those moments arrive where you have the choice between moving closer to target or away from it you make the right one. Read the stickies and the forums and see how people create good habits rather than relying on willpower and enthusiasm alone.
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    Fearlessleader is correct, I met my goal weight, but still log everday to keep myself accountable and not gain back the weight
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    I think this is meant for life and not just till you meet your goals for 2015.
    i agree. my streak has been reset but it doesnt bother me as long as i know how i look and feel then i will log in when i feel i need to get an idea of where i'm at.
    Dont get me wrong its good if you can stick to using it all the time but you should know yourself and where you need to be without always relying on this site.
  • Hi Jen, I too am starting again and want it to be for the last time. I lost 30 pounds last time but following an accident where I couldn't exercise for 3 months has put it all and more back on. I'm going to be 50 next year and I want to be a fit and fabulous 50 not a fat and frumpy 50 so I'd love some support and am happy to give support where needed.
  • Hello Jen and welcome back. Like you I have come and go many times from MFP and like you I am making "The Comeback". Already with a 21 Days streak and with the feeling that logging info into MFP is a strong part of my daily routine.

    Please let me give you a strong tip that I believe will help you with logging entries.
    USE THE MFP APP in your phone!! The app is available for iOS (iPhone) and Android and is really easy to use. It really pays to be able to enter your data on the go and with the barcode scan feature of the app, you will see that you don't have to type that much. So give it a try and welcome back. :)
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    I've started again .. 3 weeks off and now i feel i can do it .. feel free to add me
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    I too am starting again. The last time in 2012 I lost 79 pounds with MFP and gained it all back + 7lb I have been making a lot of false starts between then and now. But this time I know when it comes to logging and exercise it's "Progress not Perfection" With that in mind, I'm beginning again
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    I think this is meant for life and not just till you meet your goals for 2015.
    Exactly--I am losing for the last time so that I can live a healthy life for as long as I can. I want to be strong and active for myself and family. I'm not doing this short term, and I'm no doing this just to get to my goal and then stop. It's about making the choice now and for every day of my life. I also so agree and appreciate the comments about figuring out what didn't work in the past in order to come up with strategies to keep going. This is key--I know. How am I going to do this differently? Great question! Don't have the answer right now, but that's something I'm working on.
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    Early last year, I lost 10 pounds in two months and it felt amazing! I have since gained that weight back (and then some). I am tired of the roller coasters and want to reach my goal and change my lifestyle for good!

    I'm 30 and 5'7". I'm hovering right at 154lbs and would love to get to 125. I would also love to join a community of people with similar goals -- happy to be here!

  • Hi all,
    it's the same for me..lost loads of weight a while back and then regained it all and then some... Pretty annoyed with myself but ready to start again. Hope we can all support each other. Good luck everyone on your way to a healthier you!
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    Im with you Jen! Starting again for the LAST TIME. I also feel my best gift for the holidays is to have self control and not INDULGE. Im ready to get back FIT!