how long till you saw results T25

just starting alpha and i was wondering how long till you saw results both on the scale and measurements. which did you see first scale or inches? how often did you weigh? did you do any other workout with it?


  • katherinemab
    katherinemab Posts: 57 Member
    You may see a few pounds of water weight drop initially and your weight will fluctuate because of it BUT will 100% see inches drop. I personally weigh every other day but with T25 I rely heavier on inches than the scale due to water retention & fluctuation. When I started T25 I was doing other cardio but after week 2 my muscles were so sore I stuck with just T25 and have seen great results. Starting Beta today!
  • skinny4me2be
    skinny4me2be Posts: 358 Member
    I lost inches right away the first week. I'm on the 3rd week of beta-lost 18 inches all over and 4.6lbs thus far, probably would have lost more weight earlier, but had a few troubled weeks with my eating. :-) Good luck!