My rotator cuff is useless

So last week I was doing my usual bicep curls. On my second set my right arm literally couldn't do it. I was staring at it like "seriously? It's 10 pounds...curl the weight dangit!" And nothing. Went to a lower weight and the same. So I just moved on to a different exercise.

The next day the soreness was unusual. By day 3 I knew it wasn't regular old DOMS, it was too intense for me. I got a massage, it did nothing at first and then the next day it was better but not gone. And it's progressively gone back to the same place it started in (I'm sure the desk job isn't helping it.)

I did some internet research with Dr. Google and tried to do a towel stretch for my shoulder and my right side reaches *maybe* half an inch above my belt.

I have an appt. with the doc, but I know my doc...he's just going to refer me to a chiropractor which of course isn't covered by my insurance but I'll go if I have to.

Does anyone have any stretches that might help me at least make it through the day without wanting to rip my arm off? Cause by 4 pm, I'm almost od'd on advil.


  • ThePhoenixIsRising
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    Get a sling and immobilize it. Don't go to a chiropractor if you haven't done an MRI to make sure there hasn't been any serous damage done.
  • 89nunu
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    I got some rotator cuff issues which are caused by a super stiff neck (another desk jockey here) so stretching your traps might help.
    I got a million things for self massage these days, so I use a hockey ball or my theracane for some pressure release around the rotator cuff/traps, but yeah for that you need to know it's nothing bad.
  • paj315
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    Could be impingement, the symtoms are very close to the same as a tear, so chiropractor/PT might help if its that.
    I wouldn't do any stretches or exercises until you've seen the Dr. You don't want to do anything that might make it worse.