Why do men show off at the gym when they see a girl?



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    After being eyeballed by a dude for an hour in the gym, he later stood directly in front of me in the locker room, dropped his towel, just to completely bend over and pick it up. Unfortunately women have never shown me this kind of affection. Gay men hit on me far more than women :neutral_face:

    i would get a good swatch of you :P
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    I don't know... Why do the ladies do it?
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    OP, are you really that naive? Or just dense??
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    Hmmm my gym is women only and I only joined a week ago. The closest I've gotten to being hit on was this morning when a lady who saw me there last week commented on how awesome my Doctor Who t-shirts are (I have 3), how her husband is English and their love for Doctor Who as well... It was a bonding moment.
    She was trying to rope you into what I believe the French refer to as a menage-three.

    Hahaha! I'm down so long as we all get to dress up as a Doctor Who character. *giggle*
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    There could be an argument that some girls really like a showoff.
    It's human nature.

    Ever wonder why muscle cars were invented? Why men ride wheelies on motorcycles? Why women ride wheelies on motorcycles? To impress and attract.

    Some guys do this with knowledge instead of brawn.

    I'd bet the O/P would fancy a thrill ride herself if the driver was competent.
    Kinda disagree here. Most guys fix up their cars to impress...............other guys. Most females don't care about engines, headers, etc. They just want a man with a car to get around.

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    Why? Because the circus doesn't have room for any more acts. (I am one lady who enjoys the show, by the way. Go, guys!)
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    Yeah, well, guys, huh - whatcha gonna do with them :-) Frankly im too focused on trying to do my workout without doing damage to myself I dont have time for that kind of posing - even if I though I could (and believe me i don't!).
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    ive never noticed that at my gym. I see the same guys and girls all the time. we all say hi and sometimes we all have a sing song between sets when theres a Bruno Mars or Marvin Gaye song on! I would like to assume that everyone works hard to feel good about themselves
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    Denisa, when a man and a woman love each other very, very, much ...

    Even if he did push himself more, I don't think that's necessarily a male-female thing. It's human nature to work a little harder or be more presentable when we know someone's watching.
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    I'm no Doctor, nor do I play one on T.V. but, I am guessing it is because they want to "get in your drawers." Same reason a Peacock shows it's feathers off.