The first time someone noticed

I have been logging my calories and working out for 35 days. Yesterday, I visited my mom for Thanksgiving and the first thing she noticed was my weight my face, on my hips, and even around my shoulders. She is the first person to acknowledge my weight loss. I am so excited! Positive feedback really keeps me motivated to continue my journey!


  • queenliz99
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    Awesome!! That kind of validation is the best!
  • sweedee1218
    sweedee1218 Posts: 98 Member
    The people at my job were the first to notice! Now someone comments almost everyday! My husband also comments almost daily. It is a great motivation!!
  • cristinfaldetta
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    What a great feeling! Congrats on your hard work!
  • frksfrau
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    Yay! Congrats!
  • Liftng4Lis
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    Awesome job- congrats!!
  • Laughter_Girl
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    That's great stuff!!!
  • pensierobello
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    Congrats! I didn't talk about it for a long time - it's a lot harder when people know, they comment on things / try to sabotage you! Plus I have a couple of friends / my grandmother who are obsessed with weight and I find it really unhelpful to me as it's all they ever want to talk about! When I visited my gran she couldn't focus on anything else, and kept offering me lettuce!!!
  • bananabeannn
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    Yay congrats to all! How many pounds did it take before someone noticed??
  • sweedee1218
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    For me it was 25lbs.
  • lemon629
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    The first person who commented on my weight loss this time around was a fitness instructor at my gym. I had lost only around seven pounds, but that was two inches from my waist and two inches from my hips, so those seven pounds made a bigger difference in my appearance than you might think.
  • cruzmom123
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    I don't own a scale. I usually track my weight loss based on the size of my clothing. All of my skinny jeans are now very loose. I have to wear a belt more often and my skirts are practically falling of my waist. I do, however, need to buy a scale. I haven't purchased one because I'm afraid of becoming too obsessed with weighing myself.
  • OrangeBabelfish
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    I am still waiting for this moment! :( My partner can't really see it because he sees me every day, when I asked him he said he could see it but that doesn't count as I had to ask!
  • DaniTronMcNally
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    My husband told be the other day that my dress used to hug my hips but now it doesn't, I was stoked, and also a bit annoyed he didnt tell me it hugged my hips because I ask that when trying things on
  • galprincess
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    my mum acknowledged my weight loss last week felt amazing but it took 36lbs and 3 dress sizes
  • summerhaze71
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    I don't think anyone has really noticed my loss, but am only down 30 lbs. I don't have clothes that fit my weight loss though, so still wearing the clothes that are now falling off or really baggy. I think for me it's going to take a little while for others to notice.
  • lac925
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    It's always rewarding when others notice our hard work! The first person (outside the home) who noticed my 20 lb weight loss was my husband's aunt at a family party, and TBH, it felt great! Like all my blood, sweat, and tears weren't all for nothing! Then, after that, I ran into my niece at a grocery store and she asked if I'd been working out. And when my mother came over for Thanksgiving, she didn't tell me that I was "getting fat" like she did last year (being Filipino means being blunt!)! All the compliments keep me going, even though I tell myself that I'm not doing it to impress people.
  • Abstraktimus
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    My ex was the first person to acknowledge my change. Showing people before pictures is so much fun now haha!