Had my RMR tested and it is 300 less than what the BMR calculator says it should be..........

I am new to FP and just wondering how to account for this, as the totals it gives me (trying to improve my body composition - really only about 5 pounds) are 'off' because of this. I had the test conducted by a registered dietitian using the MEDGEM (I had to Google it to see that it is legitimate) and want to use that as my base calories, since it is legitimately what I am burning.
Obviously my bigger question is how to raise my metabolism back to where it was before (over the last year, something has happened as I have gained 5 pounds after being consistent for like 20 YEARS! I have always worked out and been in shape, so never a problem with that). My second question is how to account for this on the MFP food log when it gives my goal for the day.

Any thoughts on BOTH questions??



  • segacs
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    All calculators are averages. They won't necessarily be accurate for you in particular. They offer a starting point for people who want to create a plan, but with all calculators it's important to gauge against actual results.

    Anyway, BMR/RMR is not all that important. What's important is TDEE, or what you're effectively burning each day based on your normal daily activities and workouts.

    Just go into MFP and custom set your goal for your estimated TDEE minus whatever deficit you're looking to go into. (With only 5 pounds to lose, you probably don't want to target anything more than 0.5lbs/week).
  • Mouse_Potato
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    ^^^Agreed. My BMR is estimated to be just under 1300, but my TDEE is 2100. As a result, I lose consistently when I net 1800 (I am also on that last 5 pounds).
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    Have you had a full workup? Thyroid problems are a common cause of reduced metabolism. Any changes in your day to day activities? On a busy day, fitbit tells me I burn a surprising amount through my non-exercise activities compared with the sit in front of the computer days. If the balance changes toward more sitting due to injury, weather, job change, etc. and I don't reduce my food intake, it could easily pack on a few pounds.

    Re: the MFP calculator, if you are 300 low, I would try putting in "lose 1 pound" and see what happens with your weight. If you are truly 300 low you will lose less than 1/2 pound a week at the MFP estimated 1 pound calorie level.
  • ladybug77707
    Thank you all for the input on how to make this work with MFP. I saw the 'custom' button but was afraid to push it thinking I would mess something up :)) I will make that change, for sure.

    Habit365, YES, I did have a full check up and decided to start a new post about that since it DID indicate a 'suboptimal thryoid' (T3) and was left open-ended as to whether or not I needed to do something about it with medications.

    Thanks to all who responded :)