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21. No energy. No motivation!!

LouisianaHotSauce_93LouisianaHotSauce_93 Member Posts: 185 Member Member Posts: 185 Member
How. Is this possible!! I literally don't have the motivation to do anything!! On top of that I don't have any energy to do it.

Like I'll do good with workin out then bam! I have to go do something out of routine and I lose track and stop! I just need that push!! It's a month early- bit I'm for real gettin back on track! I just might need a swift kick in the behind on slump days!


  • bumblebuzz94bumblebuzz94 Member Posts: 11 Member Posts: 11
    Hey! I'm 20 and at uni and I can totallyyyyy relate. I have days where I'm so motivated then others I just don't feel like I can be bothered to do anything. I've been trying to lose weight for a year now because I do nothing but give up. I think it's all about getting into the right mindset, this time I'm so determined to keep going :) feel free to add if you ever need a chat.
  • jessiemjporterjessiemjporter Member Posts: 174 Member Member Posts: 174 Member
    In the same boat,
    Im 21, Full time worker and a university student.
    Its not easy, you feel like you want to give up or not even start, my SW was 207 lbs im now 179lbs and hoping to lose another 50lb, but not straight away, im focusing on my holiday in May and i hope i can be in the 154lbs mark~~~ Just think of the future and how much you will appreciate all your hard work :smiley: just take it one step at a time and do something you didn't before. ^^
  • yoovieyoovie Member Posts: 17,261 Member Member Posts: 17,261 Member
    Real warriors don't wait until they really want to do so something, before they go do it. They just do.

    waiting for motivation to come along and make things more fun is a very silly way to get anything done.

    Either you want the big picture enough to do what you gotta do - or you only want it enough to do it when it sounds like fun.
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