How much do you spend on groceries monthly?

Hi everybody :) I'm trying to sort out a food budget and was wondering what other people spend on food every month. Thank you!


  • concordancia
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    Where are you? That will make a huge difference!
  • 970Mikaela1
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    6 or 7 hundred a month for my daughter and I.
  • Chandler330
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    I live about an hour north of Boston. I'm also only buying for me if that helps :smile:
  • LolBroScience
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    $400-$500/month for me.
  • dbmata
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    $350 last month, but that's because we don't buy meat at the store, and beer intake is down.
  • Chandler330
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    Thank you for your quick responses :smile:
  • dbmata
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    I live about an hour north of Boston. I'm also only buying for me if that helps :smile:

    Go to market basket, the produce there is top notch. If you can afford making large meat purchases, call up blood farm, over by erg... groton I think. Liquor is what NH was made for. However, you already know that. ;)
  • Jennloella
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    average 1500 a month for my husband and I, and four kids including one on formula. This doesn't include toiletries, diapers, pet food, or cleaning supplies this is just straight up food. We're in northern cali
  • craftymommy
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    Around $350 for two. That's just groceries (this includes breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks). We eat out once a week, once in awhile twice in that week (but this is rare as I try to cook everything from home), and spend about $150 per month for eating out. Also, twice per week I don't pay for or cook dinner because we eat at my mom's. Considering what I spend on dinner, if I didn't have the mom's night, it would add another 60-80 $$s per month if I were to have to cook those nights.

    Total would be just under $600 for two per month.
  • segacs
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    My grocery budget is $200, plus another $150 for restaurants. (Hey, I like to socialize!) I always stay under budget.

    When I was on a tighter budget I limited myself to $150 on groceries and $50 on restaurants, and managed fine. These days I am lucky enough to be able to splurge a bit more on the farmer's market, cheese shop, produce and occasional treats, so I do.

    (That's Canadian dollars, by the way. Groceries are a bit more expensive here, and restaurant meals are quite a bit more thanks to higher taxes.)
  • mike_ny
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    Two of us spend an average of $300-400 a month and we eat really well and healthy. I mostly cook from scratch using what's in season or on sale and also cook large batches we reheat and eat all week. This time of year I make a lot of soups. Soups are great because you use most of the vegetables and animal bones and connective tissue and you don't need first rate quality of either. You still need quality ingredients, but still fresh veggies with blemishes and tougher and bony cuts of meat get marked down all the time.
    I also make my own yogurt and fresh cheeses. Even buying organic whole milk at about $4 a half gallon, still comes to about half or less of what store bought yogurt and cheeses cost and aren't anywhere as fresh and good.

    If we ate processed foods, a couple quarts per week of plain yogurt, a pint or so a week of good ricotta, out of season fruits and vegetables, and top cuts of meats, it would easily be about twice as much.

    A lot of your costs are based on how much you're willing to pay for convenience and packaging.

    I see people in front of me in the grocery store all the time spending $200-300 with carts filled with snacks, soft drinks, and lots of other junk, and probably only about 3-4 days of actual food. I don't know if they eat out the other days or what I'm seeing is just a partial week's shopping trip.
  • sexy48
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    I'm in Florida and my cost is about $190 a month and that's just for me. I don't eat out at all. I cook all my meals:)
  • lsgibbs83
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    I spend about $250-$300 for my daughter and myself. We rarely dine out and this includes the food for my lunches. We don't keep a lot of junk food in the house any longer so the grocery budget has decreased. You always hear how expensive it is to eat healthy. Yes healthy food may cost a bit more, but if you're not buying chips, cookies, and a lot of prepared/packaged convenience foods you more than make up for that.
  • zilannoj
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    $400.00 a month for two. We're usually under budget.
  • radiatingkayla
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    about $120 a month, buffalo NY, just me (poor college kid ha) lots of oats, rice, beans, bananas, and potatoes!
  • _Terrapin_
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    If you can get in to Boston and hit Quincy's market about an hour prior to closing you can usually get produce very cheap; otherwise they toss it. Then again, is Quincy's market still there?
  • zeal26
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    I try to stay at around 1200 Norwegian Krone, which is about €140 ($170). Not sure I could afford to live in this country if I wasn't eating at a deficit! I never go out to eat, but sometimes I go over budget if I'm being lazy.
  • 47Jacqueline
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    I spend about $300 on myself in NYC plus eating out.
  • muah3iluvzu06
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    For two adults (no children), we spend about $500 per month on groceries. We live on the west coast & eat out about once per week (usually Chipotle, Subway, Sushi), etc.
  • mistikal13
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    We spend $250-$300/month for two adults in NYC. I make all our meals, snacks, breads, yogurt, etc from scratch and we don't eat out. Hope this helps =)