I ran for 20 minutes!!!!!!!

mrssaver Posts: 16 Member
I actually did it. Five weeks ago when I started couch to 5k and looked at the program I told myself there is no way I will be able to run for 20 minutes straight. But, yesterday as I stepped on the treadmill I told myself to go as much as I could before stopping. I DID it!!!! and now week 6 to week 9 looks actually doable. I am actually proud of myself. It's a huge success for me. I might be a runner after all!


  • tomsarno
    tomsarno Posts: 105 Member
    Very good. I am on week two using a tread mill due to weather. Did you only do the three days a week and not have to repeat any?
  • SueInAz
    SueInAz Posts: 6,592 Member
    Congratulations! It's a very big accomplishment and you have every right to be proud of yourself. Now, quick, sign up for a race before you change your mind about how awesome and easy running is..... :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
  • sofaking6
    sofaking6 Posts: 4,589 Member
    You're a runner!
  • sheepotato
    sheepotato Posts: 600 Member
    Congratulations, I wish you continued success.
  • Congrats thats awesome!! :)
  • Fantastic!!
  • NerdieMcChub
    NerdieMcChub Posts: 153 Member
    YAY! That's awesome =D
  • tibby531
    tibby531 Posts: 717 Member
    high five for awesomeness!
  • mizzzc
    mizzzc Posts: 346 Member
    Thats awesome! I have been nervous for week 5 (currently on week 3) and hope I have the same outcome as you!
  • prettyface55
    prettyface55 Posts: 508 Member
  • kjurassic
    kjurassic Posts: 571 Member
    Sweet!!! Have you signed up for a 5K yet? (They're fun!!!)
  • superspork2
    superspork2 Posts: 99 Member
    That's so awesome! Congrats! It's a great feeling. Just you wait, soon you'll be able to run 30 mins without stopping and be able to go further and further. It's a fun journey!
  • coasterphile
    coasterphile Posts: 16 Member
    COngratulations! A few year ago, I was a sedentary smoker and started running little by little. I quit smoking 512 days ago and this past May I actually ran my first half marathon, and I ran the whole darned thing!! Never would I have dreamed THAT! Now that you're up to 20 minutes, you're going to start noticing a whole lot of milestones!! That's one thing that's great about running... It's all about PR's, whether for time or for distance. The best part is that you never HAVE to compete with anyone else... just do better than you yourself have done. Keep it up!!
  • coasterphile
    coasterphile Posts: 16 Member
    BTW, I'm just a year younger than you.... so I fully stand behind you!! KUDOS!!!!
  • DaveC29
    DaveC29 Posts: 232 Member
    Go you... You Rock!!
  • WatchJoshLift
    WatchJoshLift Posts: 520 Member
    Congratulations! I remember when I hit that milestone, it's an awesome feeling. Great job!
  • NoelFigart1
    NoelFigart1 Posts: 1,276 Member
    That is very awesome. I am glad you've accomplished that interim goal and I hope that it's smooth sailing to the big one!
  • performfully
    performfully Posts: 126 Member
    Great job!
  • gettinfitaus
    gettinfitaus Posts: 161 Member
    good on you! I hope to get to be where you are sometime soon :smiley:
  • callmejessica
    callmejessica Posts: 1,868 Member
    you ARE a runner! keep it up! the best part about running is that there are no limitations
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